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May 20, 2008


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Perfect, a cup of tea in the garden and a pristine, empty notebook...

I'll have to try this recipe out - I bought Mark Bittman veggie book after quizzing you about it and have really been enjoying it (the book is so thick there's always something new in there that you haven't spotted before!).

Somehow this one sounds like it would be good with a few pinenuts and/or sultanas


Oh, your photos cause me to sigh. They are always so beautiful. Your sense of light is amazing. You would work wonderfully in black and white. (But don't give up colour!). I have never thought of roasting cauli, but will give this one a go.
I have heard so much about Mark Bittman, I must get it too.


I love roasted cauliflower just plain (in fact, made some this week!), but this sounds. . . just beyond! Fabulous. And I have to admit that I went out and bought the Bittman a couple months ago and have never found anything I liked in it (all seem so bland to me!)--but I must have missed this one. (But ketchup?? Oooh that would have been way too cloyingly sweet given the typical ketchup one finds around here!).


This *might* be the recipe that makes me love cauliflower... especially if I use your homemade sauce instead of ketchup!


This looks fantastic! I really like roasted cauliflower, but I be it would be even better with this awesome sauce! :)


I just made this tonight! My husband can't stop talking about it!. I took some short cuts. Sauted the onions and garlic together. I used half sugar-free ketchup (on a low carb/sugar diet) and half regular ketchup (1 cup total, will probably use less next time). Can make the sauce ahead of time then reheat just before adding roasted cauliflower! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Sherry (BTLover2)

I found this recipe via Pinterest and made it this evening. I have never liked cauliflower (or many veggies for that matter). This recipe rocked! I absolutely loved it!! Thank you so much. Now I must follow you on Twitter :)


Just made this amazing dish for dinner...absolutely LOVED it!! Served it with with grilled bread on the side to sop up the delicious extra bit of sauce! I'll make this over and over again...thank you!!


I made this tonight and we loved it! I was making it to go with salmon but the salmon wasn't done when I thought it would be, so we popped it back in the oven. We were hungry so we started in on the cauliflower thinking we would just eat the salmon when it was done. Not gonna lie. We ate so much cauliflower, we didn't even want any salmon anymore! :) Thanks for sharing!


Just made this and wow. It is SO good! The only thing I changed was increasing the garlic because I added some to the onion. SO SO good. I would pay good money for this at a restaurant! Thank you!


Really good! Please give it a try - definitely company friendly.


Really good! Please give it a try - definitely company friendly.


I don't see a way to Pin this recipe. Suggestions?


no idea, lorelie! lots of people arrive here via pinterest, so there must be a way...good luck!

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