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July 25, 2009


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Congratulations, Lucy, what a fabulous magazine. I have been waiting with anticipation for it to be released. We are missing you on twitter - I hope you get to rejoin us some day. xx

maybelles mom

Congratulations, how lovely.


Hi Lucy; I just popped over from Kathryn's site to say well done and good luck with the lovely cookbook. I have just purchased a copy and am looking forward to going through it all tomorrow.


Congratulations! It must feel amazing that millions of people around the world want to eat your recipes and ideas!



another outspoken female

Congrats - all the best for this new venture :)


Gorgeous - just what I expected.


Ganga: Gorgeous Ganga - thank you, thank you. It's been a really interesting learning curve, this, and I'm thrilled - almost beyond words - that you like what you see. Twitter - maybe soon! XXX

maybelles mom: Thank you, my dear.

Mariana: Hooray! Thank you so much - hope you love it.

Christine: Millions - I wish! Even just a few is more than satisfying. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm.

Christina: No. Thank YOU, lovely woman. X

AOF: It's gonna be interesting to see how it goes - nervous, we are, but pleased it's now out of our hands!

Susan: Thank you. On to the next edition soon - Kathryn's hard at work on spring recipes as I type. XX


Huge congrats Lucy, what a beautiful and satisfying project to share - look forward to reading your e-mag.


Congratulations, Lucy (& Kathryn -- I've commented on her blog, too). I purchased & downloaded my book last night. So beautiful. So inspiring. Though I can certainly wait for winter & it's a bit too hot right now to turn on the oven (I'm enjoying midsummer here in Canada & today the temp approached 30 deg C,) I'm really looking forward to trying these nourishing meals. One of the first ones I want to make is the vegetarian version of the fish with walnuts in vine leaves.

I'm looking forward to future seasons in this series :-).


It's beautiful! The cover especially. Congratulations to you both!


I look forward (very much indeed) to having my very own copy.
Tanti auguri a voi as they say in Rome for your new glorious and delicious looking project


Lucy, I grabbed the issue when it first came out. Lovely read during the weekend. Love the portion story, too. Will try more recipes from it! Congratulation!


Well done Lucy and Kathryn! What a fabulous project :)


Congratulation guys! Can't wait for many more magazines to come.


Congratulations! I can already see that the photos are beautiful--can't wait to see the entire project and try out the recipes!


Yay! What an accomplishment - congratulations! I hope that it's a most rewarding endeavor; it certainly looks beautiful and I can't wait to see more. Very exciting!!!

Bill Medifast

Good job you two! Keep up the astounding work.


Nice to see someone's getting known out there for great cooking. Congratulation you two! Can't wait to see it.


love it, got it.


Em: It's been a really interesting project. Thank you!

Elaine: Watching the news the other night, I saw the soaring tempeartures across North, North America - stay cool, my friend. That recipe...I made the haloumi version again over the weekend while Peter's son and his girlfriend were here and they both raved (and raved and raved) about it. I've even made smaller ones using small pieces of smoked tofu. What can I say? She's a brilliant recipe writer!

Wendy: We're pretty chuffed - and relieved - that you like the look and feel. Thank you, so much.

Rachel: Grazie! (the extent, almost, of my Italian. Though I can sing Happy Birthday, and ask for up to 14 eggplants...I'll need you should I ever be in Rome again!)

Anh: Thank you, beautiful - the portion piece is fascinating. It's opened up some eyes in this house - there's a post on that to come from me. I'm thrilled you've enjoyed it. X

Jacqueline: Thank you. X

Christine: Kathryn's been testing spring recipes like a woman possessed. Then there's summer, autumn...ah, so much beautiful produce. Thanks!

Ricki: I'm so pleased I got the Digital SLR - how's your beautiful book coming along? I've a post up my sleeve about it. Things, as I'm sure you know, have been mad 'round here over the last couple of months!

Chelsea: I must say, we're both completely blown away by the support we're getting from everyone. Thank you - onward and upward as spring's practically here!

Bill: Hi and welcome. Thank you - shall do!

Rachael: Hello to you, too and a huge thank you.

jude: I hardly know what to say...but I'm so deeply, deeply honoured that you like what you see. The food is truly beautiful - thank you so much. XX


I'm so excited!


Congratulations Lucy...and a belated Happy Birthday:)


I can't believe how late I am to chime in my enthusiastic CONGRATULATIONS!!! I already love the cover and boy do I need some honesty in the kitchen, it is nice to see some grounded simple pure food. Will be downloading shortly! So proud of you (will look for the pork pics).


Katrina: Me, too! Thank you - so very much - for your encouragement and support (as always!).

Ana: Gorgeous Ana, I owe you an email - currently experiencing internet probs, so will, hand on heart, I promise, email you very soon. I swear. XX

Calli: Yay! Gosh, it's a huge relief and very exciting. I hope you like the pork shot/s - it was a bit of a challenge for me, shooting flesh, but I think I learned some excellent lessons. Thank you - I owe you and email too!! XX

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