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August 11, 2009


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I like letting all the brassicas (mustards, kales, etc) bloom when it gets too much to keep up with harvesting them. Many of them give sturdy blossom stems that are FANTASTIC in a stir fry. Stir fried lacinato kale flower heads are one of my favorite things.

Lovely rocket. Don't you just love its delicate veining?


The things I learn from you, Christina, could fill a (wonderful) book. What a fantastic tip - no wonder it's not something I am likely to find in any cookbook. I've sturdy stalks a-plenty!


Why can't you buy calendars with photos like these on them? One for me to admire from time to time in the kitchen. Your picture is so calming. Any calendar projects coming up Lucy? Sign me up.

maybelles mom

I really love nasturcium but I also love violets. We have let (forgotten) our arugula to go to bloom every year. I put them in parathas last year and in salad.


So pretty. Love the bokah and shade of blue in the top photo. Like a clear sky at dusk just before dark.

My favourite edible flowers are violas, nasturtiums and calendula. But I grow them more for their looks than taste.


yes mine accidentally has spread throughout the backyard after going to seed. i collected a bunch on the weekend and made rocket and walnut pesto which was absolutely wonderful. summery tastes when there is no basil to be had. i havent used the flowers really though, will give them a try


How fortuitous - I seem to have come home to a small meadow pretty white arugula flowers, and then to find this post of yours... What other delectables compose your salad?


You have found my weakness. I always want to eat the flowers. The borage, the violets, the individual cones of a corn flower. Squash blossoms minced and dashed about for garnish, single flowers of hydrangeas displayed in ice cubes, lavendar in my ice cream, rose petals in the sugar. But I will never take a rocket blossom for granted again. These are stunning! Of course I want to eat them.


Mariana: I have been toying with that very idea. Let me mull it over for a few days - I do have the application in my new whizz-bang Microsoft Publisher programme...

Maybelle's Mom: What a good idea.

Elaine: I love the notion that a plant which is beautiful is also edible - putting violas on the list right now.

Ran! What a fantastic idea - I've beautiful walnuts from Tassie in the fridge. That is the very outing they have been waiting for.

Chelsea: I'm not sure yet - it has been rainy and gloomy and dull for days. But today is Glorious. Shall report back when it's made. Enjoy your neglected harvest!

Katrina: Those cornflowers...how incredible that shade of blue is. Thank you. I've been putting rose petals in sugar of late, too.

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