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January 26, 2010


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another outspoken female

Congrats - I know it's been a long labour. Now bask in the glory of your creation :)


Hello Lucy (and kathryn)
Good work.
I've just downloaded and looked at (beautiful) read (wonderful, especially your introdutions which are spot on- poppycock haha so true - and the gingery beef looks rather good.)
I am credit card free, is there anyway I can buy an honest kitchen without one ?


That tagine! I had no idea it was with eggs. Glorious. Must, must, must try it with your suggestion for white beans.

Another beautiful collaboration between you and Kathryn.


Thanks, guys!

Rachel: I'll email you, too, but so long as you have a bank account, you can set up a Pay Pal account which works like Eftpos would. It simply and very safely - I've used it loads of times - debits the amount from your selected account.

Here's their link, which explains why and how:
Pay Pal

And good on you for not owning a credit card - marvellous to hear, I must say (me neither).


I've now got the winter 09' edition and it's a beaut of publication. I love the "Lucy's notes" as it makes it even more personal than it already is. And, not to suck up or anything, I tend to concur with your notes, so maybe that's why I like them ...

Are you taking requests for future editions? :-)

Well then: 1 - I seem to remember you promising to share your everyday dal; 2 - beans and greens, beans and greens; 3 - more quick and tasty fish recipes, especially flaky fish ones, and maybe with possible fish substitutions.

That is all. :-) For now. :-)

ps - can I possible use more smileys in a comment? yes I can :-)

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