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January 11, 2010


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I love this photo set. Especially the clothes line. It has such a.. nostalgic? feel.

Dave -nibbleanibble

The photos have a great vintage feel to them. It makes it seem like time has gone by pretty fast.


Desci: Thank you. Me too. My parents have an ongoing conversation with me about 'when they go' and what will happen to their home, their things. I hope that clothesline stays right where it is. It's been there since at least 1970.

Dave: I'm really honoured - exactly what my photo-making is all about. Film, man. Nothing beats it. Thank you.


A kookabura! (sp?) And those lovely little parrots too. How lovely.

Wonderful to have a peek inside your Mum's house too. :)

Happy New Year to you and your family. x


Wendy: Happy New Year, darls. I've a few more bits of Mum's to come.

Yep, that's a Kookaburra. Naughty things wake you at 4.30 each morning.


gorgeous photos - love your mum snowflake biscuits - those are works of art - I see where you get your presentation skills from -

sorry to hear about the food poisoning - hope you are just getting all the bad bits of the year over at the start and now will start to have a happy 2010 :-)


happy new year!


also love your photos. besides using film, do you use any different settings on your camera to get that antique-d look?

thanks and cheers,



I loved the photos but tell me, was there sound attached or am I going silly?

green ink

Exquisite photos Lucy. They make me long for home.


Wonderful shots - do feel better soon!


Do hope you are quick on the mend. I do admire that kookaburra...and those cookies! Happy New Year!


Johanna: Thank you - from mum, too! My friend Jo always says a bout of being unwell is a great way to lose weight, said slightly tongue-in-cheek, but it's a great way to, um, purge 2009 out of one's system.

Jude: Hey, you! Right back at you. Hope it's grand.

Heather: Hello, happy new year and thank you. Let me see:

1. I always choose a mid-speed film - 200-400 - and prefer to shoot in low light. These films perform better with the early(ish) morning, late afternoon/dusk and indoor light. I've always gravitated toward 400, but bought a batch of Agfa Vista 200 on sale recently and love 200 speed just a little more. I think the quality of film helps too. 'Professional' ones are more delicious than snapshot ones.

2. I never process anything post clicking the shutter. I get my pics developed in a lab, put onto disc, and leave them as is. I think NOT playing with them helps them retain a bit of old fashioned something, though I cannot put my finger on exactly what that something is...

I hope that's a help...I'll have a bit more of think over the next couple of days.

Julie: Hi! I don't think you're going silly, but no, no sound here. I'd love to be able to work that out, though!

Green Ink: Thank you - do you get home often?

Chelsea: I'm feeling better already. Congee and flattened lemonade I can highly recommend. Lots of sleep helps, too.

Calli: I took the kooka shot for you. She's a fabulous cake and cookie decorator my mum. I'm going to direct her to your comment so she sees how good she really is!

green ink

Every two years if I'm lucky :)


Catching up on a lot of missed posts, Lucy. I love these photos, esp the birds on the washing line! Classic indeed.


Loved the pictures! It looks so serene... I'm loving this blog; will ad it to my list.


Just gorgeous.


These pictures make me miss a place I've never been. You've captured an entire emotion here, Lucy. Well done.


a little late in coming, but thanks for you advice! my boyfriend bought me a DSLR for Christmas, but more and more i'm falling for the film photos. we'll see. maybe some day i'll have the opportunity to try both!



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