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February 14, 2011


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Johanna GGG

sounds like The Good Life - evocative post that makes me want some tree changing


I imagine there shall be hard work ahead for you with building and all that it entails; however is there any greater sense of purpose than making your mark on your very own patch. Glad you feel stronger.

another outspoken female

And you've been flexing your writing muscles beautifully too :)


Lucy - extraordinary writing. I missed you and I missed your work.


That sounds like a perfect day! I'm interested to hear more about this oven!


sounds like a wonderful day, i long to be living my days like that


Ack! Brick oven?!?! I'm utterly jealous - been wanting to build one myself for years. I can't wait to see what wonderful things come out of yours...

Deborah Scott

It is wonderful to open up my e-mail and get your post and be greeted by such lyrical, and evocative writing. And best of all know that it about you experiencing in the here and now. You are fortunate to have followed such a path where you seem to have a chance to blossom in so many different directions with your creativity.
Though I am responding to this comment feed, I am also wanting to answer your questions from the feed where I commented on your `pomegranate and walnut` post.
I do have a few Internet sites where you can see some of what I do, though my presentation skills are limited, I always am trying to learn more, as I feel the Internet is an incredible tool. Here is where you can find some of my work:
none of the sites are up to date, but I slowly chip away at it.
Thanks again for your addition to my days!


So happy to read this. You've found home within and without.


Wonderfully atmospheric prose Lucy - wish I was there!


it takes time to settle in. our first summer here i think we mowed grass and weeded and explored, and got ready for winter. last summer (our fifth!) was the first time we were starting to garden seriously. everything up to that has been maintaining things and making slow changes.

it's incredibly great to read your words. if it makes you feel any better, we've had several summers that have been cold and nothing but rain (good for wild mushrooms and greens and onions - terrible for tomatoes and squash). but i must run now...off to the barn. i'll come back and read and write more.


Guys, there will be more on that brick oven to come...it's exciting, and I am surprised by both my own strength and knowledge about such blokey things! Comes, I think, from having an industrial arts teacher for a father. Absorbed a lot by osmosis as a kid.

ali: Find comfort in your experience (as always). For a couple of months I was frantic about it, worried that things were getting away from us, impatient to get to the destination, like a kid in a car, are we there yet, are we there yet? But in January, I realised there's only so much one can, ya know, do. So now I sit on the porch sometimes, think and dream, and remember that it's a s-l-ow process. Find I like the slowness actually.

Funny you mention mushrooms - there are mushrooms a-hoy in the park this week!

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