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May 29, 2011


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another outspoken female

Bastard capitalist companies! :)

Johanna GGG

some days I feel like a cork on a sea of fickleness as manufacturers change their good are whim - I even get wary of getting attached to new products - good luck with your new film

Nisrine M.

I'm glad you're liking the replacement. It would have been unfortunate otherwise.


You are such a smart cookie with your lovely photography. Wish I had half your talent :)


yup, me too

still on the fence with the new one though - I've seen examples where it may be helpful to overexpose 1/2 to one stop ...


TOTAL bastardry, AOF.

Johanna, I'm with you. corks on the same sea, darls.

Nisrine: hi!

Jacqueline: too kind, you. x

it's a film that was very well loved, portra nc (natural colour).

being a bit tart for colour (heh) i used to love, love, love the vc (vivid colour), 'cos the colours popped, but then i learned that natural colour popped too, just more quietly, more deeply. switiching to a pro-lab helped me see that, too.

anyhoo, one of the joys of living at the bottom of the globe is that there's still a bit of it around.

Karima: i did wonder how you were feeling about it - nc is very suited to northern light. subtler. noted, thank you.

am putting a roll of the 800 through at the moment, which might give me some ideas, too.

here's what i reckon is interesting: i'm thinking that they've run out of the correct developer for nc, thus it may be that my initial thought - to run out and stockpile the freezer! - is a wee bit silly. the last roll of nc i got processed (at my pro-lab) was a weird (but quite interesting) combination of vc and nc. you know, uber-crazy greens and subtleness, so methinks it was developed with the new 400 developer? hmm. much to think on, as always.


Lucy --- it's a bit disheartening to find film emulsions you love only to see them discontinued. like tri-x pro 320 B&W (if you can still find, shoot some portraits of peter on your blad with this stuff), the bwcn400 (although still avail in 35mm) in 120 and now the portra nc's.

400nc was my "it's gonna work" film for sure.

If you want to get all geeky, have a listen to the Inside analog podcasts: http://www.insidemacmedia.com/rss/iap.xml. The most recent one is an update from eastman kodak on 160, but they also talk about 400 in that as well. If you listen fast forward through all the irritating sponsor stuff at the beginning to get to the interview. A few episodes back is an update on the new portra 400.

Also, if you haven't seen this, this guy regularly overexposes from 1-3 stops on his 120 portra 800: http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.225764070773396.79203.170632379619899. It's a certain look (pastel?) for sure but makes for lovely skin tones.

My feeling from listening is that there is great latitude for exposure with the new portras. The trick my be to find a kick-ass lab for the c-41 processing that matches how you expose. Easier said than done.

I am taking a portrait workshop next week with this guy: http://www.michaelwilsonphotographer.com/ (he uses a blad :-)). Hopefully I can pick his brain ...


Give it a few more years and film will be so rare. It's a pity. Film.....Thats where I started with my Minolta SRT-101 back in 88'. That camera taught me everything. I still have it....I think it even has a roll of half shot BW in it! Almost like a time capsule now. I feel your pain, even though I've turned to the darkside Lucy! Sorry bout that.


karima: whoot! wilson's class sounds like it'll be great, and i expect a FULL report. loved - LOVED - the inside analog radio show, but you're right about the advertising. glad ya warned me...really helpful, actually.

ro: the darkside...ha! i like to dabble in the darkside from time to time, but yeah, my heart's too pure...

do you remember being in the darkroom, all that excitment, too? at art school (1990) i did an epic session in the darkroom of 9 hours and was rawther unwell the following day, but man, i loved it.

finish off that film and one day you can have a play with my blad.


I did naughty things in the Uni darkroom. Girls always seemed to like photography students. Go figure.

The best bit (apart from the after hours darkroom tutoring) was that moment the paper hits the developer solution. Man that was pure magic! Magic!!!!

The last darkroom days for me where in 95/96. But I don't miss the smell.


heh. it's true. chicks dig photographers. photography students were the rock stars of art school. my first boyfriend at art school was a photo major, thus the hasselblad crush i've had these 20 years...

i have an ongoing fantasy about the darkroom - enough! suffice to say that yep, they encourage all kinds of naughty.

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