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May 25, 2011


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Denise | Chez Danisse

I do love sweet potatoes, but I've never eaten them in tasty little cake form. I'll have to try this, in "plenty of butter".

Sally - My Custard Pie

Never panic over butter. I haven't tried these yet but everything I cook from this book is worth making.


Are you not allowed to eat certain foods during passover? How long does that last for? Excuse my ignorance!


ro: well i, being not-jewish can eat whatever i like, but as chief cook and bottlewasher, i end up eating whatever they eat. my understanding of it's pretty basic, and they are very liberal, so we mix up the rules a bit: basically, nothing that's "risen" (no bread) and nothing that can "ferment" (which is a hell of a lot of other stuff). i kinda look at it as a week of eating gluten-free if that makes sense, and it offers a cook challenges that are, in a way, fun.

anyone else able to explain it better? would love to hear.


Interesting to see how we spiritualize food.


My whole family adore sweet potatoes and any kind of fritter/patty so these will definately find an appreciative audience at our place!

Hotel Guide

I've been on a potato diet this past few days and I guess i should try this sweet potato cakes.


sweet potatoes AND plenty of butter?
now really, what could possibly be bad about any of that?
i generally have good quantities of both those ingredients on hand at any given moment.
you are so inspiring about food, my friend. i love how you write about it, waft around it...


Ooh yes please! There's something delightful about just seeing the words 'plenty of butter' 'sweet potato'and 'little golden cakes' all in the one place.

Nicole Smith

I used to have my sweet potatoes dipped in a cooking oil with salt. That was when I was little. Now I have it with lots of butter, and I always asked my mom to make me sweet potato fries. You should try it, they're delish.

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