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June 21, 2011


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I've been reading tender in bed and am almost finished.. so glad you've mentioned David Tanis... am on the lookout for a new Nigel

Funny, as a nobullshit Australian, I actually find his flowery descriptions endearing


oh, jules...tanis is truly wonderful. an american nigel (if nigel had been a chef for any great length of time, that is.) you'll love him. alice waters talks about his beautiful hands in the intro, and hirscheimer's pics totally do her words justice.

i used to adore his flowery descriptions - have been avidly reading him since his early days at english marie claire 20 years (or more!) ago, but i think that with tender i've just felt as though i've read it before, and that he's completely over-romanticising some aspects of cooking/gardening. glad you liked it - have you read kitchen diaries? that and appetite are my faves.


Tell me now, if you had to recommend one everything-vegetarian recipe book, what would it be? With the move back to Sweden I am leaving my collection behind (again) and will be having one, just one, shipped to my tiny abode as a welcome home gift. I was thinking of Tender Volume I but if you have other ideas... Go! x


Yes, Lucy, I think T V2 is not as good as V1. Nige reached his peak with Kitchen Diaries and T V1, and I love them still.

I love that quote so much. That's what I love to do.

Johanna GGG

I fell in love with nigel over Toast but have never read kitchen diaries back to back

If you want a foodie book to put on your bedside table I highly recommend Denis Cotter's Wild Garlic Gooseberries and Me (and for Jessica - it is vegetarian). Yet I read the intro to his new book and it made me groan a little while still admiring his prose and he does have a way with a recipe. I can still dive back into Wild Garlic and sigh at the way he talks about food.

And though I have enjoyed some kitchen diaries recipes from nigel I just haven't got into tender nor cooked one thing from it - but hope to soon and to find not all the recipes are boring

Denise | Chez Danisse

David Tanis has just started a new column in The New York Times. I liked his first column and recipe. His second column is out today.


Love Nigel. LOVE him. "Real Fast Food" is still my favourite cookbook of all time and I've given "The Kitchen Diaries" as a gift more times than I care to mention. But... the "Tender" volumes have yet to win me over. And... I don't like watching him on TV. I don't. He's annoying.
Forgive me, Nigel. I still love you. Very much. And I'm not even a little curious about this David Tanis that Lucy mentions... (ahem)


jess just one ?(!!). right. well...i think tender would be good, but it's chock full 'o flesh, thus becomes slightly less useful to the vegos. so my choice would be between plenty by ottolenghi (incredible food, and a good cook (like your good self) can easily make shortcuts) OR madhur jaffrey's world of the east vego book which is one of those grab-it-in-a-fire books. (also, see johanna's recco above).

know what? i'll do a post and ask 'round too. (i LOVE talking cookbooks)

ganga LOVE that you and i call him 'noige', in that nasally aust twang. though i understand his rationale for omitting citrus in volume 2, here, where everyone (mythically) has a lemon tree in their back yard, i reckon it was unforgivable...well, for a few moments...

johanna, did you see that toast was made into a television show? wish it'd come to the abc. i must confess to owning a copy of that cotter book, and the one thing i kept thinking while reading it was, "this publisher wants to make it look exactly like a nigel slater book"...haven't read his newbie...feel so out of touch since i left book selling!

denise i saw the first one, but not the second. thank you. he's a man with such beautiful writing style, and i'm not surprised that you like his words, too.

wendy, i thought i was going mad not getting into tender...i mean, what's not to love? lowe's photographs are breathtakingly stunning, the layout's gorgeous, the type...that i'm not alone makes me think that i am not insane. (well, maybe just a little ;-))

on the telly - i caught a glimpse while in edinburgh, as we don't get him here, and i thought bersactly what you did!

btw, tanis' (free!!) column can be found here:



i am so out of the loop,
i don't even have an opinion on this,
living here on my quiet hillside.
but i love YOU.

Duncan | Syrup and Tang

Gosh, I think I'm the only person who has never warmed to him particularly! I looked forward to Tender v1 considerably, expecting something really strong, and found it, well, not. (All this is not to say that I don't understand some aspects of whyyyy he works for people.)


love them both - in mid winter, tanis' utterly simple romaine hearts with parm and (tart!) lemon dressing (from heart of ...), completely satisfies every taste bud for crisp and acidic but unctious and salty - one of those barely a recipe but there you go.

and lowe's photos remind me of yours! I need to start figuring out exposures for deep and dark :-)


duncan i'm sure you're not alone. peter told me he "waffles on for far too long", which made me giggle!

karima: YOU are too kind. hey, i see you're loving your sekonic lightmeter - i reckon trusting it is the single biggest shift in my work for a long time. go the low light, darls!

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