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October 12, 2011


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I was sure this would be about food - Cindy and I have become better and more creative in the kitchen since regularly cooking for vegans/coeliacs.


michael: it is! and it can be. it's one of those beautiful, simple truths that bears repeating over and over. i love those cooking constraints. they really do make us better. imagine being someone who looks upon the vegan guest as a burden? far, far better to embrace those constraints, to show what you can do rather than can't.


I will read it. Seems more or less like the original idea of the Dogma 95-manifesto though.


ah, i'm not familiar with that...off to google it, thank you.


"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the worth of a great story is incalculable". I like it.


yes, jess! and the stuff about not needing a portfolio, i liked, too. our blogs are our portfolios, no? this speaks to almost everyone:

" Editing is the skill that separates the decent [insert creative pursuit of choice] from the great...Be liberal with your use of the trash. It's your friend."

editing is as hard-won a skill as any, i say. x


It is indeed - I wonder how many blogs I have deleted from my RSS feed as a result of poor (photographic & written) editing. I'd rather see one brilliant picture/read one well written paragraph than scroll down endlessly any day.

I'm looking forward to seeing some b&w here, Lucy!


Pictures can sometimes say more than words ever could


Yes! ""Creativity is always enhanced by a constraint..." Couldn't agree more this evening.

Denise | Chez Danisse

Oh yes. I've never been a gear lover, and I've experimented, especially during school, with just about every tool imaginable. I believe the best photographs are much more about the eye of the photographer than the gear they are using. I do have a sentimental attachment to my father's old SLR, but that's a different sort of love.


i am digging on constraint these days.
very much.
it is becoming a creative channel through which my energy can really do things.

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