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December 15, 2011


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Gill Stannar

Thanks for the link. I reckon what people like most of all is time, one on one, real quality time. Bugger the crappy box of chocolates and store vouchers that mean you always have to top it up with money of your own to get what you want.

Have a mercifully mild summer solstice.


You have such a lovely way with words - and you captured that christmas feeling I sometimes get too with music and carols, a sort of wistful genuine cheer that comes in occasionally between the bombardment of often forced retail festivity. thanks for the links and suggestions - food is always a good gift idea in my book! Have yourself a restful and delicious christmas.

Johanna GGG

We have made some bikkies for presents this year and they were well received - much more satisfying than some of the shiny stuff in the shops - but I do love buying presents - Sylvia is having a lovely time this christmas so there is lots of singing carols this week - it is a joy!


you are just so perfectly tuned in to the essential, my friend. i loved reading this post. we forget about that mercy mi-ld so often, i think. it can just be our own mercy to ourselves. that is enough, because it ultimately has such far-reaching effects. gentle ones. mild ones. but profound, nonetheless.

i seem to be skipping most of the gift-giving this year...the things kind of gifts, anyway.
but i am making festive food for a community gathering. i'm taking a young friend to see the nutcracker this weekend. i'm grateful for this life. right now.


Thanks a lot for the link!I would like this year a Christmas day wit out presents, or more exactly with hand made presents!so, I think that I will do a lot of cakes!!;)
Happy Christmas!!


I really don't like Christmas. I say that...then when I see my kids being happy I get a tiny feeling of joy. But the rest is just bullshit. I too am a result of years in retail. It killed any respect I have for the people, the hordes of mindless zombie shoppers pushing each other over to spend money on itmes that where made in China and will be forgotten in years to come. I do however like hanging with my family and getting full of roast meat and getting rather boozy.

Denise | Chez Danisse

I'm all for stress-less gift giving. Many thoughts on this topic and the way we celebrate holidays in general, but I'll keep those thoughts to myself. The season has been slow and easy here and we are loving it. We'll be home for Christmas and then contemplating the year we are leaving and the year yet to come from a quiet spot up north, a little closer to the land. All is well. Cheers to you and the season, however you choose to celebrate.


Time! Yes, this is a great gift. I'd happily pocket a little extra time... I cherish the time I get to spend with loved ones just ambling about, nattering away, pottering along. It is time spent with sweet ones that I remember most about Christmas and long summer days.

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