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March 26, 2012


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Hi Lucy, how about a mint raita and/or a mint (pudina) chutney? Both really yummy with Indian dishes :-) I don't have a recipe for the pudina chutney, but I'm sure Ganga might be able to help out? There are so many variations - from fresh to cooked.

Ps: It was so lovely to meet you (and Kathryn). A catch-up sometime soon?


My immediate thoughts were mint jelly or mojitos, although I couldn't help noticing the raita suggested above, which might go nicely with the Forster?


A nice problem to have! Dried mint is wonderfully adaptable. I use it in meatballs, in salads, in pilafs, in anything involving a grain or a pulse. It is wonderful in red lentil soup - turkish style. It has a different flavour profile to fresh mint, and can be used together with the fresh stuff - great in drained yoghurt.

Lucent Imagery

Our friends had a mojito party in their backyard when their mint went crazy. Having had a roast last night at my mum's, I also love Georgia's idea of mint jelly. I discovered your blog recently and have fallen in love with your photography. Just beautiful.


What a problem to have! Unfortunately it is hard to dry mint successfully at home, and I dont think it freezes very well. Lots of mint tea comes to mind, but if you are not a lover of mint then that wears thin after a while. Mint Julep?

There are lots of fresh mint chutneys from India. http://vardhiniskitchen.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/pudhina-thogayal-mint-chutney.html

Try this mint soup http://www.boldsky.com/cookery/soups-snacks-drinks/vegetarian-soup/mint-soup-recipe-240511-aid0111.html.

Stewed greens with mint? http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/21/health/nutrition/21recipehealth.html


Abby @ Fig & Fork

You could make mint simple syrup for drinks or a version of tabbouleh with parsley and mint. With summer approaching, I'd be all over making mint chip ice cream!!


we have the same dilemma...here are some of the things we do with all that mint ::

mint chutney
huge handfuls of mint brewed in iced tea
fresh lemonade infused with mint and sweetened with a bit of honey
ice cream or sorbet made by making a strong infusion of mint in the base of your choice
tabouleh with LOTS of mint
lamb burgers with fresh mint
tzatziki with fresh mint
minted pea soup
pasta sauce made with mint in addition to the other herbs we use
salads with fresh mint leaves as part of the greens

those are a few things i can rattle out off the top of my head.
there are others. if you want my recipes for anything just ask me in an email and i'll dig them up for you.


Hmmmmm. I'm often plagued with the same problem (let's not even get into the lemon balm...) I was thinking this year about trying the excess mint in the bath (dried or fresh, I don't know yet). Might be invigorating - and, at any rate, another use for it outside of the kitchen.

Denise | Chez Danisse

Such a lovely photograph...

I was going to say mint chutney and mint tea, but it seems I'm a little late to the game.

Enjoy your mint.


A happy problem to have!

Definitely lots of tzatziki but also I keep meaning to try this Sicilian sweet, tart mint sauce that I bookmarked from The Splendid Table. Sounds beautifully versatile http://www.publicradio.org/columns/splendid-table/recipes/sweet-tart_fresh_mint_sauce.html


lesh: beautiful - fresh mint chutney. a glorious idea that, and yes, a catch up would be grand (lovely to met you, too). kinda mad-busy for the rest of this month, but maybe in april? will be in touch.

georgia: perhaps the fresh flavours will clear my mind enough to get a good forster sitting in over easter...i like your thinking.

michelle: i've an old flyscreen, one that i reckon will be a perfect platform for attempting to dry some of that mint, thank you. swirled through a red lentil soup...fabulous!

lucent: thank you! i am honoured by your lovely words - and thinking that a mojito and pizza party might be fun idea for the easter break.

ganga: somehow i just knew this would be your area ;-)

thank you SO much. greens stewed with mint - what a great idea. thinking that it'd be silly to not attempt to dry some in the garage on a flyscreen, even knowing how difficult it is as there is so much of the stuff. will let you know how i go. gorgeous linkage, darls. xx

abby: oooo...ice cream...i'd not thought of that! i have a bit of a thing for ice cream in the colder months, so that's a beautiful little thought.

alison: darling - WHAT a star you are. wonderful. you see, i have had quite a lot of mint tea and the thing is that spearmint just isn't as gorgeous as peppermint to my mind, and it was starting to drive me a bit nuts. yet...in a lemonade, spearmint would def. trump peppermint...lovely stuff. somehow, tabbouleh never entered my thoughts, nor pasta. frantically making notes...

chelsea: that's a fun idea - in the bath. must see if there are any other, traditional uses beyond the kitchen. how are you?

denise: never too late, my friend. i think tea made with lemon and honey's gonna be made this weekend. (and thank you)

sophie: !!! yeah, i know...first world problems, right? heh. apologies for shouty the capitals that follow, but HELL YES! i am bookmarking that immediately. splendid table is wonderful. always forget about it for some reason.


Hmm, what to do with a forest of mint? Give a whole lot away - friends will love you and the Greek blokes in our street put little bunches of produce out on their front fences when they have too much.

Otherwise - that greens with kidney beans and dried limes from Silk Road Cooking would be beaut with stacks of mint. Martha Rose Shulman has a recipe for Stewed Greens with Tomatoes and Mint (which would also help your tomato overflow)? Or what about making up a freezer load of minty falafels, or something like that? I have a vague memory of seeing a lovely looking baked falafel recipe on Green Kitchen Stories?


I feel the same about mint - we only have a small pot luckily - here are some of my favourite mint recipes
carrot lime and mint salad - http://gggiraffe.blogspot.com.au/2008/02/polenta-and-tomato-comforts.html
a soup from stephanie - http://gggiraffe.blogspot.com.au/2010/08/sos-chickpea-lemon-and-mint-soup.html
and tabouli and mint tea would also be on my list, maybe even a pea pesto

And I'd love to try corn with mint - http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/11/dining/113srex.html?_r=1&ref=dining

Linda Woodrow

Cucumber and Mint Raita is a side dish with just about every single meal in our house, right through summer and into autumn whilever cucumbers are in season. It's just a bit easier and faster than tzatziki, which means I tend to make it, often in the last 5 minutes while waiting for something to cook before serving.


Trade! One of the great pleasures of my neighborhood is our very active produce exchange. Trade your bounty of mint for something you don't have. You'll be happy. The person you trade with will be happy. You'll both have something that you want and neither of you will have spent a cent.

I'm also mouth-dreaming a mint-coconut milk ice cream.


kathryn: you and christina (see comment above this) are on to something, i think...give the stuff away. our new neighbours seem very sweet...felafels, very nice idea that (plus, you've seen my freezer now - heh).

johanna: thanks for the links! the soup sounds grand, and i'm with you on that corn and mint thing. we grew corn this year and will def. be doing so again next summer. great combo.

linda: easier and faster suits me just fine! plus, i do that a lot, i.e. see what's in the pots and pans and get slicing up a quick little something for the side. i'm growing cukes in the bed next to the mint - serendipty a-hoy...

christina: and i could make them really, really generous bunches, right? who wouldn't love that? in the past, i've always been thrilled to get a huge bunch of herb-age. funny that, once you're presented with too much, you forget...also, HELLO to a mint and coconut milk ice cream...far out...noms!


Salsa Verde! Mint is my new favorite herb. Combine with parsley jalapeno garlic meyer lemon shallot & olive oil-I put it on beans baked potatoes chicken-whatever strikes your fancy!


alice: salsa verde - wonderful. sounds like a heavenly combination in your mix, especially with the fragrance from meyer lemons. just bought a smoked trout for dinner, and so will give a quick salsa verde a go, thank you!

Lizzy (Good Things)

Try my chocolate and mint ice cream. http://www.bizzylizzysgoodthings.com/2/post/2011/10/chocolate-and-mint-ice-cream.html

Lizzy (Good Things)

Thanks for popping in Lucy, let me know how it turns out xox


I don't have a recipe for you -- well, actually I did pick one out a couple of weeks ago but I hadn't tested it so was reluctant to share it. Anyway, just wanted to say how much I love this photo. It could be titled "still", too.


When I lived in Japan I had a wonderful mint patch outside my door-- it was apple mint and that was great for both tea and cooking, but it grew so high and prolifically, like yours, that I had to cut it back. Twice a year I would cut it down and make bunches of the whole lengths, tied up with twine and hung upside down under the eaves or inside from a hook or coat hanger to dry. After it dried, I crumbled it off the twigs into a cardboard box and made it into potpourri in little bowls or baskets around the house for wonderful perfuming. If I dreamed of greens in winter, I would crumble some between my fingers and breathe in. I still have a little bowl on my windowsill here in Nova Scotia, mixed with local wild sweetfern. The two together are the scent of my dreams. I think you could tie some up in muslin or cheesecloth with a ribbon to make sachets, too.


elaine: truth be told, i love this photo too. blad and i have are more in tune these days than i could have hoped at the beginning. thank you so much, darl.

v.j.: what an enchanting thought! very do-able as well and, with one patch now knee-high, i can imagine that now's the time to get hanging. now i must google sweetfern. thank you so much for this. hope you're well and happy. x

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