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March 12, 2012


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Johanna GGG

"still" is one of those words of many meanings - reading this made me think that one of the amazing things about gardens is that they don't stand still - frustrating at times but often wonderful. And yet the still that you speak of has a different hue of the calm that gardens bring!

Denise | Chez Danisse

Quiet meditations on nature -- lovely. And those tomatoes look ripe and delicious.


Looks like your tomatoes did better than mine. I've now officially given up on tomatoes and will search for quiet meditation with a glass of wine. ;-)


haha! I'm with Amanda, Sydney had the wettest summer. Luscious red, yours.


Not like the chit chit chat on Twitter, hey. You've been missed but!


the stillness inside that opens to the Self...
yes. it does feel better than ANYTHING.
may we both keep touching into that more and more.

here we have rains, melting all the snow.
spring is slowly waking up the land.
i'm going to go out now and cut some pussy willow to bring inside.
this weekend i will start some tomato seeds (!) and prune the raspberries, maybe but back the dead ferns on the asparagus too. the garlic is not up yet, but it will be soon.


j: being in the garden is so...thrilling, as well as stilling! you are right, darl.

d: they were divine, red all the way through.

a: ha! smart woman, you.

s: oh, i noes...in a way, i miss youse on the twits, but i've no time to party now! that rain. it sucked, no?

ali: i am, of course, just at the beginning of the learning, but i can see the point, see how clear it makes EVERYthing when you get it right. i am planting garlic in the next few weeks. might need a lesson or two, my friend...hey, have you grown yellow raspberries? saw some in a catalogue on the weekend and got very excited.


I come to your blog to still my wandering (& often fretful) mind. A quiet but emphatic "yes" to all things you consider meditations.


e, have you ever tried meditation? i ask simply because it's become something that makes me feel much lighter, lighter in every sense of the word. i am so lucky to have people like you in my world - and i am so happy that, in a small way, you find stillness here. xx


They look so natural and fresh. I am glad your toil did not go to waste. I love what you are doing with your garden. This makes me believe that you eat natural foods that you have produced personally. Your hardwork is so inspiring.


no, i have not grown yellow raspberries here because they don't do the best in our climate zone. they're delicate and good and totally worth it where you are, i'm thinking. go for it!

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