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April 16, 2012


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This sounds wonderful. It's breakfast time here and I'd love to eat the leftovers now!
Adore that first photo. Beautiful.


Divine...adding ricotta to my shopping list now

Denise | Chez Danisse

Simple deliciousness. I'll be looking forward to this, especially the eating "out of the tin with a spoon at breakfast the following day".


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And here I was wondering what to do with the cherry tomatoes and leftover fetta we have in the fridge. Can't wait to get home and crank the oven up. Looking forward to the next Honest Kitchen addition too.


Sounds lovely, smells even better so far ...


I'm making that for dinner tomorrow night! You are so very lucky with 35kgs of tomatoes...I have 12 plants growing (in a greenhouse!) but it has been such a cold and damp summer that I have still struggled to get more than a few kilos. On the upside the patch is heaving in silver beet and kale.


That last photo is very very beautiful Lucy.
Sadly, our tomatoes are well and truly done, Im jealous you still have the taste of summer hanging around in your vegie patch.


I have come back to this post several times just so I can dream of making this once the tomatoes start to come in. I can't wait. My friends around the corner have a herd of goats and make the most amazing feta, and that feta with my tomatoes this summer will end up in this dish. Mmmmmmmm.


on the day when my now baby/just sprouted cherry tomato plants bless me with one layer of fruit, i will surely make this dish. i think i will try gorgonzola cheese. and i think i will surely swoon...


also...a suggestion for a fabulous, pectin-rich, deeply flavoured italian plum tomato...SUPER MARZANO, if you can find the seeds or starts. absolutely THE best plum ever. when i blanched a whole mess of these to slip their skins, there was a huge mass of jelled tomato liquor at the bottom of the bowl...and the sauce was velvety and delicious.

meatballs & milkshakes

Yum! I love gratins!

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