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June 19, 2012


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another outspoken female

Beautiful photos, as always :)


Gosh, after reading that I'm off on a reverie about my childhood garden. My mum is an avid ornamental gardener as well and our place backed onto a huge bush block with 2 donkeys on it. I remember long afternoons out there roaming around exploring until it got dark and the welcoming light of our house called me home.
Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my post too - having just recently moved house after 4 years, I can see the benefit of regular moves when it comes to simplifying!


after spending several years working as a gardener, tending large perennial gardens for private clients, i feel inspired to see your post today, and i realize just now, that it is all my work with ornamentals that makes me the sort of vegetable gardener i am today. i plant my vegetable garden like a perennial garden, and tend and care for it in similar ways. i am delighted to see drifts of differing leaf textures and colors, and i plant flowers in among the vegetables, for cutting mainly, but also for the bees, for the visual liveliness of the whole garden, flowers just for scent, and flowers just for beauty...

your photographs are overwhelmingly lush and beautiful, my friend. they are truly informed by your deep love of gardens and plants. it is wonderful to see how you have evolved into the photographer you are today. my head at your feet...ૐ


Lost for words. This space is as familiar as ever. x


Dreamy. That picture of the blue salvia with the fuschias makes my heart break a little.

Your camellias are parallel to the madrones that were on the back of our property at the house where we lived when I was between 5 and 10 years old. They were the edge, familiar backwards and forwards. Great memory.


No question. Your images and words always nourish and comfort me.

I'm just back from the garden. Where I watched bees visit the poppies in the pollinator bed and a dragonfly rest on the bamboo stake next to the sweet peas. Yes, flower matter.

Beautiful post, Lucy.


Beautiful garden and lovely photographs. Thank you for sharing :)

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