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October 28, 2012


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I make something similar on days when David is elsewhere. Have never added rice though. Love this idea.


This looks awesome, Lucy. Always looking for ways to add more greens in to my diet!

Denise | Chez Danisse

Looks just my style. Thanks!




hmmm, I'm going to make this this evening with a great big bunch of silverbeet I have


Nice. I like the idea of adding in eggs.
I make a similar thing but use a bunch of dill instead of the corriander. And crumble over some fetta cheese at the end. Yummy!


this sounds so good. thank you for sharing another way to play with chard!

you know we had a tonne of chard in our garden last season...i think i got a little bit over-enthusiastic about the seeds and having lots of stem color. so we ate it all summer, and it was the last thing to hang on well into november. we ate it lots of different ways, but then i had a revelation, about the stems, because they're so pretty, you know? and there's so much stem-to-leaf ratio, but so often coking all the stems winds up a bit watery and not so tasty.

so i decided to steam the torn leaves separately from the stems, which i wash and chop into a fine dice, almost, but not quite mirepoix-size. i saute the chopped stems in butter and olive oil, with some fresh chopped garlic. and add some ponzu made with lime juice, and let the whole mess get thicker and jam or chutney-like in consistency. all this over a very hot flame in a heavy iron pan close to the fire, so it gets a smoky seared flavor going too. then i spoon the stem-jam over the steamed greens, et voilà! it is scrumptious and wonderful.

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