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December 03, 2012


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I so admire you for not killing it. :) Everyone I know kills every snake they see. A garter snake? Kill it. A king snake? Kit it too, along with that baby boa so it won't grow. I had an aunt who killed a king snake one day 'cause it liked eggs and she had chickens. She shopped it into pieces with a hoe. Then she built a fire and burned that poor snake. Auntie wanted to make sure it was dead. The funny part was, the part with the head intact took off out of the fire, and made it half way across the road. It almost made it to the
woods on the other side, but Auntie pulled it back with the hoe, whacked it to a bloody pulp, and THEN she tossed it onto the fire. Ever since then I have sided with the snake. :)


Leave... those snakes... ALONE. I'll be humming that from my mercifully snake-free 3rd floor apartment for the rest of the night. ;-)




limner: oh no, i couldn't kill a snake...even though they scare the bejesus outta me...the image of the top half of the snake escaping is hilarious! eastern brown snakes are one of the most deadly in the world...ewwwww....

cindy: barry white was all i could think about. ha! 3rd floor apartment. oh, how i wished...

wendy i knowwwwws!


Ah whacking day, haven't thought about that (or seen a snake for that matter) in a long while. Hope you're feeling better about getting out to those broadbeans soon.


wow. Hard to not be afraid of going out again! I have chickens and big, wide, brown yard with lots of plants. I worry that the chickens and their eggs are somehow a draw for snakes. I'll be more vigilant!


i'm glad you didn't kill the snake. i'm also glad you had a healthy enough respect for it that it took you a few days before you could face exploring the broad beans again too. you're right, they are a part. they're even a part of what makes a garden...we have snakes that hang out in the stone wall in our garden. i think they're garter snakes, but i'm not sure. whilst in my garden i sing the mantras, and everyone comes and goes, and it all flourishes. there is room for everyone.

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