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February 18, 2013


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Beautiful, with a wonderful historic resonance.

"a mass of pinky-white oleander flowers, sweeping to the ground beside you, reflect such brilliance from the moon that you must needs turn the other way" . . . I love this.

Perhaps I misremember, but isn't Australia the driest continent? Where I live is drought stricken too, regularly so, but every winter we seem to forget that, and once deep summer comes along, it feels like a new kind of hellish dryness and heat, even though we have lived through it before.

Elizabeth Mars

What a remarkable extract of writing from Stella Bowen. That's the true power of words to connect us with another soul across time and place.


Ditto! Except forget the diaphanous...enter underpants and bra or plain nude! "Sorry Frank!" (I think I just broke the next door neighbour ;) ) When it heats up in Tassie, its worse because we are not used to it. Drought has struck everywhere, the fires are not past but present and it just started to rain. I LOVE this sunburnt country :)


I thought I had already commented on this post, but I'm so loopy from the stomach flu I have no idea what is going on right now . . .

Anyway, I love this post. I love the passage you included and the way you connect the experience of heat and drought across time.


Well said, Lucy.
After 10 years in Australia, yesterday was the first time I witnessed how fast bushfire could spread. We were pretty far from the fire so relatively safe.
A strange sentiment came to me. As I watched the bushfire yesterday and followed its news with worry and hope, I felt even more part of this land…


{Oh dear, my comment from yesterday failed to upload. I shall try again...}

I always read your posts slowly and several times and sometimes in stages. This one kept me at the top of the page for a few minutes before I scrolled down and read the attribution. And do you know, I truly thought this excerpt was your own writing, Lucy. You and Stella Bowen's prose have a similar rhythm. And your descriptions of time and place...so evocative. Yes! to Elizabeth Mars' comment about the true power of words.

My friend, I wish for you easing of your worries, an early autumn, cooler evenings and a downpour or a few -- even if you must begin and end the day with a duller sky.

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