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June 18, 2013


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The office, ha! A perfect name for it.

Elizabeth Mars

I love your photographs. The persimmons and pears look so medieval and gorgeously lush. I've never really worked out what to do with persimmons and I'm kind of reveling in Sydney's all too brief winter. It's all that baking and the soups - particularly the soups!


Hello from Lincolnshire, England

I just found your site after looking on the web for rose sugar recipes and have been having a quick look around. I have recently moved with partner from the city to a rural area and have also inherited a garden with lots of roses, some very sweet and fragrant, so think just right for rose sugar or rose jam.

An interesting sort of blog and your photographs are lovely. I've enjoyed looking at them. I write a blog myself (Flat Earth, Big Sky) which sometimes is about food, but more often at the moment features pictures of the local landscape as I get to know it.


That photo keeps playing tricks on me. It whispers "Autumn" to my brain while perspiration rolls down my body, and the heat assaults me through the open drapes. Perhaps I already yearn for fall?

Denise | Chez Danisse

I only made one delicious persimmon (my first experience with Hachiya) pudding when they were in season, but it still brings me pleasant memories. I'm curious to know why you wish you'd purchased the UK version of this book over the US. Is this a usual preference, or specific to this book?


c: sure is - and it's sticking, methinks. have already referred to it as such all week!

e: i must say, those glittering sydney winters are a thing of great beauty. when it is not raining, of course. may you find lots of persimmons and do as i do - just slurp them down with a teaspoon (over the sink to catch the juices).

v: oh, roses! i am amazed by how much i love them - we inherited ours, too, and as much as i curse the buggers when it's time to prune, i'll always plant them, everywhere i go now. your blog is lovely - thank you for showing me into your beautiful space.

l: i know that yearning so well - for me, it starts in january, just before the thermometer goes sky high in february. may things cool a little for you soon...

d: PERSIMMON PUDDING!!! noms. ah yes, the book. it's just that english measurements and nomenclatures are much more familiar to australians than u.s. ones (think kilograms rather than cups), plus the u.s. book has what the rest of us would consider slightly over the top preserving instructions (all that water-bath boiling doesn't, generally, get done for us). must say it is my usual preference for those reasons - the u.k. system is, basically, ours, colonials that we are!

Denise | Chez Danisse

It looks like the UK cover is better too ; )


heh :-)


I truly love that photo there - the fruits are so warm even though the light is so obviously winter.
I too always find it that winters are less bearable when there are no natural horizons and little green to look on. Stay warm and cosy down there. xx

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