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October 01, 2013


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Denise | Chez Danisse

Very nice, your beautifully simple recipe and photograph. And I like the idea of crumbled amaretti on top.


Nigel Slater has become part of the foodie parthenon in recent years, for someone who is so prolific he maintains an amazing creative freshness. I'm really looking forward to his new book. His baked fruit recipes always tend to be a revelation


hi there. i haven't been perusing blogs in so long ... but yours is the only one i still have on my list to check in with once in a while, lucy. i have recently realized that my sweet tooth is not pathological, for all of the ever-present social nervousness about sugar consumption. i actually need some sweet in my palate to balance my system. maple is the best for me, honey and molasses not so much ... and so i have been gently exploring ayurvedic food and the energetics of food. it is a delicate knot to tease open ... the food habits and mental comforts around the foods i grew up eating are so strong ... but there is more of an ease and lightness in my cooking now that wasn't there before. grains and fruit for breakfast, sometimes a savory dosa or cheela or dal, lunch is the heaviest biggest meal of our day, and if there's a sweet, we often eat that first! simple soup for an early supper. and we've been applying the awareness of eating slowly enough that we can feel when we're almost full, and stop there. freshly prepared. organic. no leftovers. we are both feeling more clear, a little bit at a time. and there's more energy available, but it's a gentle, quiet energy. oh, how nice it is to see you still seeing things, and cooking things, and writing about that.

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