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November 12, 2013


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Denise | Chez Danisse

No lists. I've never considered it. I like this idea.


The blue and light in these photos - stunning. What a treat to arrive at your web home and see them.

I'm not much of a list-maker either but one strategy that's helped me get the work done is to begin the day with the most important and least enjoyable task. After I tick it off the mental list, I feel proud of myself and this motivates me to carry on with the other tasks associated with everyday living.

I love the idea of following the moon's phases during the gardening year.


That is an amazing photo, I love the idea of following the moon phases for plantings but there is something about living in the city that makes it difficult to fit into those natural rhythms.


I don't think that lists in and of themselves are a rotten thing. They help me to REMEMBER, mostly. But the way in which I interact with the list, now that's another possibility altogether. Leaving the mind-driven, slightly anxious rumination over the list seems like a good thing to change …

And the moon cycles, yes …I have found myself practicing this in the garden too, and other places. We planted garlic on the new moon this year, rather than the full moon, as I'd been advised years ago by a longtime Vermont gardener. We've had wimpy garlic bulb size, and while that could be due to any number of other causes, I'm going to try this one and see how we do. An old Scotsman told me always to plant root crops on the new moon. "Anything that grows underground, lassie!"

All that aside, these photographs of yours are truly truly scrumptious, and in my first sighting of them, the white line dividing them did not appear, and it was so stunning! So mysterious! Thank you for bringing the glory of your springtime into my eyes, which are beginning to see the long white terrain of a northern winter once more.

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