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February 09, 2014


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Looks like a lovely simple granola, that could be added to according to taste and availability of ingredients. It's been an intense and very long fire season this year. Rain is predicted for Sydney for the next week so hopefully it will make its way south. It is very, very scary this increasing temperature.

Johanna GGG

sounds lovely - I have molten coconut oil in my kitchen - though I wasn't about to turn on the oven in the most recent heatwave (or any heatwave) but I have been into the yoghurt and fruit thing - a bit of toasted oats on top was my thing for a bit and then I change. Glad to hear the fires are not bothering you but it does sound dire last I heard and it is no fun to be in tinder dry areas - hope you are enjoying the cool change (my best thing about the heat is washing drying in no time at all if you can get up the energy to do it)


Love the recipe but may I add a little something ot it. I love my granola a bit chunkier, so after trial and error I found a recipe that included an egg white to the wet mix. It binds and allows the mix to attain that beautiful little cluster look. Just make sure you cool it down completely before breaking it up.
And yes its very hot over here in the West. Much cooler the past five days so glorious relief and a tantalising taste of the autumn days to come.


Have been thinking about you lots lately. Victoria was trending on my Twitter page a couple of days ago. Glad to know the fires haven't threatened you or your property. Yes, touch wood.

Lovely, yummy photos and recipe. Will try your granola soon It was stupid cold here last week so I've been eating oatmeal. But I'll take stupid cold over stupid hot any and every time.

Take care. Stay safe. I hope cooler days come soon.

Denise | Chez Danisse

Things are so different in your part of the world right now. Sending you safe thoughts. Your granola recipe looks delicious and your photograph makes those blueberries look crazy good. I'm a little jealous.

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