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February 16, 2014


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"Nourish Me" -- the email update from your blog rolls into my inbox and I flag it, quick. Clear up the rest of this crap and settle in for a few minutes of bliss. Lower my shoulders, listen to your kitchen, prepare to smell your garden ... breathe.

It's a treat in words and pictures -- a second, skinny slice of pecan pie when everyone's gone home.

Thank you. :)


Love your prose and photo reflections. It's been raining in Sydney too a beautiful respite from our month of rainlessness.


I'm so envious of your rain. We're suffering the worst drought on record. Rain in summer? Unimaginable.

Your onions are gorgeous. Isn't it wonderful to sometimes just let plants do their thing? Have you ever let a large headed broccoli go to blossom? It's firework heaven, I tell you.


"Gardening has taught me lessons I did not even know I needed to learn, has offered a deeper connection to, well, to life, I suppose."

Wisdom, beautifully expressed in Lucinda style.

So glad you have finally have rain.

PS. Loved reading your and Kathryn's beautiful, thoughtful "Acceptance" in Alphabet Family Journal. xx e


I completely agree with you. I figure plants are better at reproducing themselves than I, so I let some flower and seed and do their own thing in their own season and time. It's much less frustrating, no seed saving or transplanting required!


oh yes to this. so many lovely garden happenings occur when they can just do their own thing. the onions are a particularly graceful example of this.

what's the rush indeed?

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