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March 14, 2014


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How do you mean de-emphasised? I'm intrigued.

I eat seasonally. I find it makes me more creative, try different vegetables out, rather than just sticking to favourites. Though I miss aubergines in winter. :)

My book recommendation: Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries II. Fantastic read, with excellent atmospheric photography.


hi ana - how are you, darl?!! good question. de-emphasized in that i used to spend a lot of time thinking about food before and after cooking the meal, and yet now it's a delight, yes, but useful (food is fuel is my current thinking) and my mind is elsewhere before and after - less obsessed is how i am these days. does that make sense? :-)

kitchen diaries II is beautiful, no? and don't you just love the writing on the cover? will get it out again this weekend, thank you for the reminder!


You are too kind. Thank you.

Not necessarily a cookbook, but I can recommend this memoir, which I found extremely enjoyable "When hungry, eat" by Joanne Fedler.

Hugs xx


I still love reading cook books but I find I don't cook from them quite as often nowadays. The reason I love blogs is because you can google your available ingredients find something to cook. But mainly I'm trying to simplify my meals Nigel Slater is just so good. I made a brown rice pilau Of Nigel's from the newspaper just this week and it was just so simple and so good.


I have just stumbled upon your site - what a gorgeous space! I am sure you are familiar with Yotam Ottolenghi, but just in case you're not I thought I should mention his cookbooks here as they are my absolute favorite - delicious food and beautiful photography interlaced with personal tidbits and stories - perfect.


"food is honored, but … somehow de-emphasized"

i mean that food is honored as a way to nourish the physical being that it may live, but de-emphasized in that with greater simplicity and the focus on nourishment and health, that the pre-occupations with all things food-related seem to drop away … i no longer choose certain foods to eat because i'm craving them or i want to taste their particular exquisiteness. i choose foods based on their usefulness for the health of my body and soul …

i eat to live, rather than live to eat. if that makes sense.

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