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April 01, 2014


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Wonderful wonderful photos, Lucy


Your photos are beautiful as always. Love how you take the time to stop, reflect and see the passing of the seasons, a gift to share.


whaling … now there's an interesting decision. particularly sensitive for me because i grew up at a museum that had a major focus on the 19thC whaling industry in the US, and i just took so much of all of that for granted, even though i never liked the fact of what was being done. and now the http://www.mysticseaport.org/visit/explore/morgan/ will sail again … not for whaling, who knows WHAT for … and i've given up eating fish this year too, after an indelible encounter with some very intelligent carp last year. i'm rambling, i know. but i liked reading this, and it gave me pause to ponder.


My heart is smiling to be having a peep at your gorgeous photos and stories after so long. Not being able to sleep because of drinking red wine on a Saturday night aint seem so bad after all :)

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