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July 08, 2014


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I was also terrible at high school sewing. For years I felt I just couldn't do any craft, my brain was just wired wrong. However, I took up crochet about a year ago and I just love it. I think it is the whole mindfulness thing but there is also the delight of working with something so textured and working with colors, which unless you're a visual artist, you just don't get to do.

Chez @ Chez Moi

I love the value you have placed on the work of creativity, the mundane (every single stitch) with the sublime (creative expression). The line about the 'dump' adds a note of irony lest we take ourselves too, too seriously! Perfect as always Lucy, and the bit about your shoulder is fascinating - makes so much sense to me.


i have loved hand stitching with nothing more than a needle and thread and a small pair of scissors for as long as i can remember. it's slow, yes. but it slows me down to a meditative crawl. i become absorbed in it, just for its own sake. i can go back and adjust and re-fit things as i go. i can be imperfect, as the trail of human-made stitches is all too delightfully evident in my wake. and i can enjoy every one of those stitches each time i look at the finished work. it is blessed interior silence.

and i love the ruffle you made.


I'm glad you've found sewing so relaxing this year! I've taken it up, a little, too - in fact the frock I'm wearing today is a proud home-made job. For us, it's been a social activity with a couple of friends, accompanied by beer and cake and episodes of Project Runway. Much more fun than cursing and unpicking high school home ec projects.

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