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September 30, 2008


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This round-up is *so* dangerous to peruse prior to my dinner. Must make the rounds to those I have missed over the last few weeks - a very handsome turnout.

Thanks, dear Lucy, for setting the table for us!


Wow, look at all of those beautiful dishes! How's that for inspiration! Thanks for hosting such a lovely (and successful!) event.


An astonishing collection of recipes and posts. . . so many I want to try! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful and successful event, and a pleasure to read!


Holy moly, that's a LOT of dishes. Just had a quick look so far but just know I'll be spending a large part of this evening exploring these recipes.


good lord! so very much to catch-up on over here..my stomach growleth as we speak!


Thanks to all of you.
So pround to be the first on the list. I'm discovering with you the local typical legumes. I have just tried also "Bean of Purgatorio"...


Wow Lucy, sorry I am late to the table. Maybe I can join in next month. What a fantastic round up. It will take me a week to go through all of these!
Good luck with your move! So exciting - you will have a new kitchen to create and photo!
You new site if great!


Thanks for hosting. I love the sheer variety of what everyone made. October is VeganMoFo (Vegan Month of Food) as declared by Post Punk Kitchen so I am sure I will be trying out a lot of these recipes as I obstain from cooking with animal products for the next month.


What a roundup of the most amazing dishes! Well done, Lucy, in bringing them together in such a beautiful way. The dishes are so inspiring.


Hi Lucy, thanks so much for this round-up, it's a lot of hard work.


Lovely line up Lucy, well done! I am just going to read through it again and drool!


Fantastic round-up Lucy! How many entries were there....I lost count as there were so many. I love the variety of recipes and legumes.

Thanks for hosting :-)



Lucy, thanks for hosting the event and the beautifully laid out round up! The Nine-day festival season is keeping me busy, and I somehow missed that email! It feels great to be WINNER amongst entries of such wonderful bloggers!YAY! Thank you:) I am emailing my details at once:)


Thanks for hosting and the roundup! Lots of great recipes I want to try :)


I'm quite hungry now - perhaps it is a good time to start dinner - unfortunately no legumes involved but now I wish there was! Great round-up Lucy!


What a round-up of legumes in so many different dishes. Just marvellous.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

What a terrific spread. Such creativity!
Super job on the round-up Lucy!


thank you, dear lucy. there are many recipes here i want to try.


Thanks Lucy for the lovely roundup. I was traveling, so I only got to enjoy it fully now.


Still need a recipe for using up chickpea flour? Look up some recipes for Persian/Iranian chickpea cookies & sweets (rose water flavored, etc). They make crumbly, tasty, sweet cookies, and are baked. Unusual and addictive!

Chad Michaels

Hi, thanks for the great list - will be saving this page

Chad Michaels (peanutblegume@yahoo.com)

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