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September 20, 2008


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Ganga VegeYum

Oh, good luck on your move! I have loved the light that I see in your photos from this house and the way that you have talked about it - I bet it will be a loved abode in your memories for some time to come. But a new place - like a new beginning! New challenges, new opportunities, new inspiration! Can't wait to hear about them all.

I love smoked Tofu, and 5 spice pressed tofu too. Yum.


Weirdly, after years of being an avid tofu-eater, I've only just gotten with smoked tofu, and I'm sold. I'm definitely going to give the salad a go. The mango and avo would make it lush and indulgent, whilst still being uber-healthy.

As usual, your photos are exquisite.


I'm with you Lucy - I find just the same thing when I do a long stint working from home. I start off relatively neat, then a few weeks in I'm virtually welded into my favourite fleecy jumper and have permanent bed hair. The problem with the eating I find is not so much that I eat lots more, but that I move so much less :-(

Still, as you have so ably demonstrated, the good part is that you can make some delicious, healthy salads really easily, served crisp and fresh


There is something so right about wanting to eat better in Spring when we have so many good fruit and veg starting to come into season - just as nature intended!

I laughed at your comments to the visitors - my grandmother says to them - if you don't try and convert me, I wont try and convert you.

Sometimes distractions when working at home are welcome (trips to the pantry and the post box) and sometimes (esp telemarketers) they are such a pain! Home made lunch is such a nice distraction - esp when as tasty as your salad


I know what you mean abour working from home and summer's arrival (though I had that experience a few years ago, now). I do love the image of you at the door with the madly barking dog by your side (go, Poppie!).

The salad looks marvelous. I've been hunting down smoked tofu over here and think this is what I'll make when I find it.

Good luck with the move and the workload!


I did enjoy your post Lucy! I too am like that on many of my days off. I get narky is someone comes to the door when I am being a slob.

Thank you for the salad. The line-up and voting poll will be posted at Tinned Tomatoes, tomorrow.

Good Luck

Holler :)


For the life of me, I can't find smoked tofu. I know that someplace here has to have it (Portland), but it has eluded me thus far.

What a great looking salad! Good luck on your health kick; I'm working on all that stuff too. :o)


All the best on your trip back to those favourite pants! I have similarly been trying to give my eating habits a nip and a tuck (if not a complete overhaul) during the past week. If smoked tofu and avocado are still on the menu it can't all be bad, right?


Lucy, I am with you. I am not so productive at home either, especially with my PhD work. But well, things are changing for me.

And I love the combo of salad you have there! I normally throw sliced smoke tofu in a stir-fry of bean sprouts and spring onion. Yours is much more vibrant and healthy. Will try it for sure.


lol! Good for you for making this decision! I know you'll make it fun !


Hi Lucy,
Winter does like to hang around me as well, usually my hips. I was pro-active this year, joined a local gym mid-winter. It was getting to hard to run outside and under the warm covers was the best place to stay. ;-)

This salad looks and sounds refreshing and light. I haven't had smoked tofu for ages. And did you say mango? It's time to make a trip to the farmer's market because I also noticed that fresh peaches are also back!!

All the best with the move.

x Nora


Well this salad looks light and lovely & if this is an indicator of things to come...you'll be strutting your stuff again in no time.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Very nice, I especially like smoked tofu and avocado and that first photo is so pretty with the colors of green, yellow, and cream...

Working at home with no bra. hahaha


Beautiful salad.

Over the summer my bottom expanded too. Being back at work appears to have corrected the situation. I can only imagine what size I'd be if I worked from home!

P.S. I just met your Mum on my blog. Isn't she lovely? :)


Mango cheeks. Of course. I'll never think of them the same again. Thank you for the laughs this morning. Everyday life really is the best comedy.


So many foods that I have yet to try! Smoked tofu it is - I love the sound of this salad, even if I'm moving into a season of baking (and eating) far too much bread while working at home.


i'd have said, 'i'm evangelist' and named a really fundie denomination. lol.


Working from home requires a discipline that I still don't have after two years. The lack of structure isn't good for one's diet, either. : |

Smoked tofu is something I've not tried yet. I could love it, love it a lot.


I made this salad today, and it was absolutely delish! I had been looking for different and creative ways to utilize smoked tofu, and this could not have been more perfect. It even kept me full through my workout and until dinnertime, forgoing my usual afternoon snack. What a winner. Thanks so much for an idea I will use over and over again!


Hi Jen: My pleasure! I love that the tofu and fruit combination, as you say, satisfies so completely.

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