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October 18, 2008


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Lovely to have you back Lucy. New place, new photos and (of course) a gorgeous new recipe.

Very brave of you to cull cookery books - how could you bear it?

maybelles mom (feeding maybelle)

moving can really help you discover that which you already own. but, i can't help but feel jealous that ocotber means spring to you.


Welcome back, Lucy! Your new home sounds just divine--look at that light in the photo! And I can understand having to winnow out the dross--but somehow could never imagine throwing away cookbooks (I've still kept even the old ones I know I'll never use again--maybe next move) ;)

And clearly, I can never pod fresh organic peas--I'd have a coronary if I came across one of those caterpillars! The recipe sounds delicious, though. . .


What a stunning and unique recipe! This makes me long for spring (darn you, southern hemisphere!). Lovely photos, as per usual. Looking forward to more.

another outspoken female

Welcome back. Love the new light in the photos. I abhor peas but you make them look quite delicious :)


Glad to hear you're settling in just fine (it always takes a while to make somewhere feel like home).

Know just what you mean about Nigel's Thirst. Never make anything from it but somehow still couldn't manage to chuck it in my mini cull last month!


Welcome to what will become home. You've made a gorgeous start so far.

You're finished unpacking? Seriously? We still have boxes to go.


glad to hear your new home is taking shape. Strange how I love podding peas but have just been berating broad beans which I dilike podding so much - I guess nostalgia helps! And those little caterpillars are so cute - provided they don't make their way into the saucepan!


Did I just hear you say crabapples?

Oh, God, how wonderful.

You did good, Lucy.

There may be hope for me, yet.


Good to hear you're settling in to your new home. Fruit trees and a big back yard. Sigh. How wonderful.

That looks like a sensational recipe!
We're loving peas at the moment. Managed to get a big bagful from CERES this week, and my 6 year old relishes podding them all, (although I lose more than 10% to her nibbling them in the process). Fortunately, despite the organic factor, we haven't discovered any caterpillars this year. Dunno why, but it's very good indeed.


Welcome back Lucy. I hope you enjoy your new home.

I guess I am even greedier than you, as I simply cannot part with cookbooks :) Mind you, even I don't have seven boxes worth!


I like the sound of peas plunking into the bowl...ahhh home!


I was marvelling over the photos, feeling happy for you in your new home and imagining myself shelling peas too, until you mentioned the bugs. Ugh! Daydream over.


You. Culled. Cook. Books?

My respect for you has just risen to new levels. :)

And that dish sounds wonderfully fresh. Must try it out. :)


Such a nice way to highlight fresh peas. Yum.


Another lemon tree. You struck gold...again. And those crabs - are they in bloom yet? Perhaps too early, but you have many warm months to discover all the gifts of your new garden.

Peas are delightful. I have a husband who hates them, so we just won't tell him. ; )


As a child I hated peas. Now I know better. This is a lovely recipe and your photos, as always, are beautiful.


I was worried you were loosing that magnificent light of your last kitchen and completely forgetting that the light follows you. I had not a thing to worry about. The pictures are gorgeous. You've thown me for a loop however with the fact you cooked the lettuce. I read the recipe three times and each time you put the lettuce in the pot and turned on the heat for a long time. And it sounds like you ate it and liked it although I can't make it work in my imagination. But you wouldn't have broadcast it if it wasn't succulent which make me curious. Fortunately it's fall here and not spring so I've got some time to think about actually giving it a try.


You're a brave woman, Lucy. I have never thrown away a cookbook, believing that if it has a single usable recipe it is worth keeping.

Love the light in your new kitchen. And all those fruit trees - I'm envious!


Fresh peas are such a pleasure, aren't they? In India, even if they are not organic, they contain nice, fat green creatures!

And I have begun giving away cookbooks, I have too many and don't use many of them. Thanks so much for the entry, Lucy, and good luck with the settling down into the new house!

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