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January 31, 2009


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Just saw the news. 43oC????? Holy hell. Sending you cool thoughts, Lucy my dear.


As soon as I saw you roasted the pumpkin I cringed and hoped it wasn't over the last few days and then thought you must have great air-con! Although I would happily partake of such a meal even in such weather. Glad you kept your head in the heat - isn't the cool change wonderful!


Much of it has passed us by as of last night but it was ferocious and fearsome. We lost electricity for 26 hours straight during the peak of the heat which was fun...strangely, the cat, Miss Rosie, sought out the hottest parts of the house throughout. Sheesh.

Yeah, I did the pumpkin this afternoon. MUCH yummier now. I needed some sort of task to calm down again after all of that. Loss of power actually - seriously - did my head in. I'm moving in with Wendy! ;-)


Gorgeous dear wilted one, gorgeous!




how did you cook them, did you soup them or fry them?

I think I need something vaguely resembling that recipe (in 15 words or less) xo


It was disgusting. I yelled, uncharacteristically, at a nice lady at the electricity company who, generously, took it on the chin when I dredged up words I try to reserve only for truly nasty people. Poor thing.

These are marvellous. Shall copy recipe out and send on - they're cooked in boiling, salted water for 4 mins in small batches then served in a carrot sauce of much deliciousness (and incredible simplicity). For eldest stepson Edward, who, two weeks ago, Outed himself and is, tomorrow, off to Israel and Europe to cavort about as a free person. Thought he deserved something lovely before he left.


Oh wow, these look good! What a great combination of flavours, I haven't tried wonton wrappers before.


They are so lovely to the touch - soft, pliable and golden yellow. I will NEVER again make my own pasta. Why would you when these even cook up light and silken? Have a play - you will not regret it!


Those look fabulous. Poor you, though with sweltering heat like that--and a power failure??? (It would make me go wanton, too.)


Getting your room ready now. :)


That sounds absolutely fantastic! Love the harissa in the filling.


Lovely! I have several packages of wonton wrappers in the fridge right now, just waiting for an empty afternoon... I can't believe you cooked these up in that dreadful heat down your way! That is dedication.


ahh sweltering heat, lounging with wanton silky no-good naughty wrappers. Now, talk about fun! Hope you are doing well Lucy!


Darls, it was, as Susan suggested, as it is in HADES. Thought my brain would explode. But it's far, far worse a little to our left, over in Adeliade. (Glad ya liked the wanton-thing)

There may be a few refugees coming with me!

Ooohh, isn't harissa divine?

I know you do. You, love, are the reason I sought them out in the first place. The flip side of our heat is the Great Northern Hemipshere Freeze. Weird world-wide right now. Hmm...

Naughty wrappers they were, indeed and seductive to boot. Edward, our guest of honour, said he couldn't choose which was better - dumpling or sauce. I am doing well, less wilted than I was, but my damn email-provider were rooted by the power outages. Looking forward to 'catching up'. I hope you, too, are uber-well!


ooh theselook yum. haven't dug out the wontons in a long time.

i feel your heat-pain.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

They look lovely Lucy, hope the weather and the fires end soon. Sorry you have to endure that...we do too at times here in SoCal.
Lori Lynn


Oh my god, Lucy, what a terrible terrible weekend. Do hope all is well with you, your friends and family.


I've been thinking about you so much for the last couple of days. I know how horrible fires can be to a community's morale and health. I'm so sorry to hear about the tragedies that are happening around you. You and your nation are in my prayers.


Readymade wontons = super fast meal which can fool people into thinking you are far cleverer than you actually are!

Lori Lynn:
You know, every summer the fires get worse in Southern and Eastern Aust - this one's been devastating. Would you believe there have been floods from cyclones (like a hurricane) up north? Coming at us from all sides in all ways. Bring on Autumn, I say...

It's just overwhelming. Awful, awful, awful. I can't believe the death toll's gonna rise from the 108 I read this morning. It's cool here now - I hope things have cooled for you guys, too. You've had the worst heat ever.

Thanks, love! We're okay - but the fires have ripped through places we've been considering moving to. It's the worst thing I've ever seen and I can't even begin to imagine how those firemen and women are coping. They are amazing people, doing amazing things. XX


OMG, they look amazing! Bet they'd be good bobbing in a snappy clear broth, too.

(BTW, I emailed you twice w/in two days, but got delivery failure messages. I suspect the power's on the blink again there.)

Laurie Constantino

I love Paul Gaylor's creativity. Yours too, Ms. Wanton! So sad to read about the fires down there. Seems like the news just keeps getting worse. Be safe, Lucy.


I'm so glad to read you are fine. I've been afraid to come by actually and just holding the whole country in my heart. I do hope things have cooled down. How wonderful that you gave your stepson a tasty send off. I can remember everything by the food I ate at the time and I suspect he'll remember these wontons. Little works of art.


I love the Chinese-Italian fusion. I wish we could get wonton wrappers here - I should look into starting an export business just to try these.


I've been a longtime and very regular lurker - since an article in Sydney's Sun Herald would you believe. i have missed you this month and just trawled the comments checking you are ok from the terrible terrible fires. thank you and take care.

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