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February 27, 2009


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Laurie Constantino

Stuffed late summer vegetables are one of the culinary year's joys. One day you should try them with some onions, mint, and a few currents; they're dreamy. In fact I'm dreaming about them right now...

Umm Bilal

oh my gosh...your pictures are more than enough to nourish one! Superb!
You may find this link to an online sufi cookbook come art gallery come mystical poetry of interest. Should have included it in your last post...ho hum as Pooh would have said.
Thanx again for an inspiring visit.


Lucy, that just looks so damn good! Tomatoes are the one food I miss most throughout our long winters. Can't wait to give this a try come summer. Have never stuffed tomatoes in this manner and am intrigued at your method. Looks great!


Off with their heads! My, oh, my...would I feel like the Queen of Hearts feasting on these beauties. Blissful.


You make these sound so lovely Lucy.

I've never really got into vegetable stuffing but there are such wonderful recipes to try. I think I'm secretly afraid of breaking the veggies before I get to the stuffing stage - all that careful scooping out.


You know, I have only made stuffed tomatoes once in my entire life. Inspiring post Lucy. I should reconsider this stuffed veggie thing. I bet these would be delightful with millet, and perhaps a bit of Parmesan cheese.


the photos say it all- glorious bulbs of sunshine. An hour basting in heat and olive oil makes even a weak watery tomato into a stunner!


Okay you got me.


I've always avoided the stuffed vegetables for some reason, but these actually peak my interest. The rice cooks *inside* the tomatoes? How do you know how much to put in each shell?


yum yum yum yum yum!

another outspoken female

Such patience is inspiring :)


beautiful pictures. i'm going to make these. i love food inside food.


I like pretty food and stuffed vegetables are pretty food. Plus they taste great. Hugely curious about these though as the rice cooks inside the tomato. I've only ever stuffed cooked rice into something. Shall be trying this in the summer when big tomatoes taste of something again.
For the moment it's baby or tinned only.


I love these too, and make a similar version. I took them to a "take a dish" dinner party last week and they were a great hit.




looks wonderful! my mother makes these with red sweet pepper also very good!


Well, you know how I feel about stuffed vegetables, so I'm glad you now feel the same way! I'd like to try this tomato recipe with quinoa...


Oh beautiful summer stuffingness! I can't wait.

Thanks, as always, for the inspiration.


are they really YOUR tomatoes from YOUR garden??? I'm so deeply impressed and envious....


Look at those stuffed tomatoes!!! I can taste them now. Beautiful photos!


I can almost smell these beauties! (Especially the photo with their little fuzzy stems)

Just started my seedlings inside this past weekend. I still have *months* to go before I see anything as delectible as these (sigh).

I'll just enjoy your pictures in the meantime...


Bloody yum! They look illegally good.

I love the way you've put their wee caps, (with little stalks looking like they are doing a "ta-da!" ), back on afterwards.

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