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March 26, 2009


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Your blog is delightful and it is no suprise it has led to many wonderful things for you. Congratulations on the big three!


Bon Anniversaire! and many more.


On congratulations dearie - three years old, that is quite a considerable number.

And what gorgeous photos - especially those eggplants and that bougainvillea (sp?). We used to have one of those in an old garden - beautiful, beautiful but don't they go feral quickly and easily.

You know, I almost can't remember the time when I didn't know about your blog; didn't follow your beautiful recipes and marvel at your photos.

Have a lovely birthday and again, congratulations. Now I'm going to have a look at that little store of yours - now you've added some more goodies.


Love the pics there, but would also love to see some of your drawings there too!!!


SO much to say and so little time before leaving for work...

Stunning stunning pictures. Some of my favourites, definitely. Pink flowers especially.

Shouldn't have to tell you how much I love your blog and how happy it makes me.

Lots of love,
Wendy x


Congratulations now you are three. Your recipes, your writing and definitely your photos are a constant inspiration. Your photos in this post are so very good - I love those spuds so much. Fabulous that you still work with film. It is a very special medium and amazing to produce images totally within the camera. But where would we be without the quickness and flexibility of digital images. Happy Birthday, and hope that you celebrated well!


congratulations on three ... I'm a recent reader and I adore your photography, especially the food photos.

happy blogbirthday!

another outspoken female

Happy anniversary. A total joy getting to know you and your blog.

Your new venture is fab. Stand proud. I love the pics :)

Looking forward to the next three years of photos, words and maybe even some drawings.


congratulations on turning 3 - a fine number indeed and a fine achievement too - glad you are loving your photos as much as the rest of us - they are truly gorgeous!


Happy third, Lucy! That is quite an accomplishment. And all of us out here who pop in to marvel at your photos have been enriched by your contribution to blogging! Must go check out your lovely shop now. Congratulations! :)

Making Love In The Kitchen

Absolutely gorgeous. As always. I want to cover my home in your images! (unfortunately though I live in a loft and walls are few and far between)


Happy Birthday.
I've been quietly reading for awhile. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Delicious photos today, by the way!

Thank you!


Happy Anniversary, dear Lucy.


I love the mottled aubergines on the chair...is that lemon balm nestling below or mint...it's lovely what ever it is. I've already admired and lingered on this photo on flickr.
3 is a lovely age to be, I teach little Italian children English, I am surrounded by 3 year olds, playing and learning through play, wide eyed and curious about the world, affectionate, uninhibited and excited about all the things they are discovering - thats what it is to be three.
buon compleanno.


happy 3rd anniversary! hope there are many more :) This is my most blog to visit - have to say i use your recipe archive at LEAST weekly...thank you so much. Off to visit yourshop!


This is my most blog to visit too! And I too, cook from it all the time, most recently the "kinda persian" beans, which were - as is everything else here - beautiful.



Hey, Congrats!! Keep it coming! I enjoy your blog! Very well written and great pictures. I tried Fritata from your recipes and my husband loved it!! Thanx!


Happy Blogaversary Lucy! And such a beautiful body of work. Your photography is exquisite and it's fitting that you have a wee shopfront for it.


Glad to see so many people have come to your party - I should have made you a chocolate cake!!! I can certainly understand why they come to visit and your shop is getting better and better.


Wow Congratulations on all the work and inspiration channeled these three years. You capture so well what so many of us strive for in our own cooking- soulful connection. And yeah for the self promoting, your work needs to be out there!


Congratulations! Isn't it amazing what you can get out of your own blog. Glad you found yourself there.


Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary dear!


Congratulations on the blogiversary AND the shop!

(I was thinking of doing the RedBubble thing with some of my favourite photos, so I'd be interested to hear what you think of it, and the quality of the card etc).

Congratulations again. Squeee!!


Congratulations and happy blog birthday Lucy. I look forward to many more years of your delicious recipes and beautiful photos. The shop is a great idea. I wish you all the best.


congrats Lucy - I love reading your blog and your photos - i always feel refreshed just readdng your beautiful blog

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