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April 18, 2009


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Wow! the colours are so vibrant. So clearly defined and I love the fuzzy effect in the background. we'll make a photographer of you yet!(Only joking!)


Rather excited, Maman.



I found the Redbubble connection and agree it's much better.


Good-o. Not so much flashing - can't bear all that flashing.

Drove me mad.


Beautiful, Lucy. I know that with your love of light and shadow you are going to love the spot (rather than weighted) light metering.


Beautiful! Always is.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love your blog?
The style, the ethic. The photos and writing are so articulate, more than I can hope to achieve even in this comment!



Oh, jeaLOUS.

I've been thinking about it for an age too.

another outspoken female

I am so excited about the pictures you are yet to make :)


JEALOUS! What kind is it?
Love the first photo in particular.


I think it's a good thing for all of us, you've done this. I'd like to think if I had a DSLR I could take a proper photo too - perhaps in about 10 years time!


Congrats, Lucy! Maybe now you could tell me how to use mine--? ;)


How many megapixels?


hours of fun - and lots more gorgeous photos for us


Oh, you lucky lady. I can't wait to see your upcoming photos!


Speaking of your new toy, the bougainvillea on Flickr is just brilliant in both colour and clarity.


Ganga: I'm so technically incompotent that I'm not sure I even know what those two lighting techniques are, but I trust you implicitly and shall google immediately!

Cathy: Aw, shucks...Thank you so much. Glad you popped out - now I have found you, too.

Suse: Two words. Stimulus. Package. Seriously, you will have much-o, much-o fun.

AOF: Me too. It took four hours to turn off the flash via reading, so I dumped the manual in favour of playing. Highly recommended.

Wendy: It's a Nikon D60. (Still Very Excited). It sits comfortably between being automatic and manual, and once you've turned the flash off it's much easier (see previous reply...clearly, I am dyslexic when it comes to manuals...). So it's smarty pants enough but has an automatic back-up if you're in any doubt. Lightweight despite its heavy size. Given your beautiful new surroundings, maybe you could ask for a special occasion pressie?

Zoe: But you see, you write like an angel AND your pics keep getting better. Practice and natural light. And patience. People 'round here sometimes have to wait a while before they get to eat...

Ricki: Come on down and we can play.

WeeTee: It's 10.2 megapixels. I think. (Checks box...) Yes, it is 10.2.

Johanna: I'm spending HUGE amounts of time playing - and it's way more fun than housework...

Lisa: I'm Very Lucky. A job paid up (finally!!) and I spent it on good equipment. Mind you, my little point and shoot is still brilliant. I love her completely.

Maman: Thanks! That was the third shot - isn't the colour bright? Bastard bougainvilliea snags me each time I walk past, though. Evil thorns.


changed my life.


I can feel mine changing, Shula.



Oh, the things you will do with that camera! What fun to have a new toy. Now I fully expect to be inspired to learn how to use my own (older, yet still intimidating) Nikon Digital SLR.

No pressure, though ;)


Oh, you won't be bored!


Lucy! It's been ages I know! How are you? And congrats on the new baby - the camera of course :)


i need a proper camera too. these photos are beautiful. although, i always found your past pics to be gorgeous too.

me: a photog i'm not but i like takin' pictures.


Oh these are gorgeous! So glad you are having fun-


Chelsea: they are intimidating, I must say. For me, it's all about ditching the manual and getting the flash off. Shall pass on what I learn, but your shots are glorious as is, you know. Get playing!

Christina: Not likely. It's become my constant companion.

Cynthia: Hello to you. She's a sweetie, the new camera babe.

reddoorread: Thanks, darls. Funny, but my point and shoot's waaayyy easier to use for blogging things. She'll never go unused.

Calli: Huge, massive fun, but much to learn. The macro lens - oh, the things I can see!


You have inspired me to get my underused and still-mysterious CAMEDIA E-20 out and start playing! I am ashamed to admit it but I only just recently discovered the "tulip" symbol for macro (via the manual, duh). Still doesn't get me as close to the subjects as yours does. Do I need to seek out an additional macro lens?

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