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April 14, 2009


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I am craving simple at the moment but everything seems to be rather complicated at the moment, not easily done and presenting all sorts of difficulties.
I would like my life to be as simple and delicious as this soup.
Maybe I should start by making it, allowing the soup to take the lead and hoping my life follows suit.


What a lovely birthday meal Lucy. Thanks for participating this month. I always love it when you do.


Funny how we go to such lengths to achieve simple, isn't it?

I can't wait for summer so I can use my garden tomatoes in this soup!


you make simple seem so elegant - those photos are truly beautiful and would be welcome to celebrate any birthday. I am not usually tempted to make simple tomato soups but this one is beckoning me!


Uncle Jack's tablecloth is being put to good use I see. Soup looks delicious. Is that one of the artist's new plates?


Oh wow. Dammit, grow tomatoes, grow! Right now, they're about 10" high.

Their season will come, and this soup will set upon my table.


Once again, Lucy, great minds think alike--I just posted a simple soup recipe too. :)
I LOVE tomato soup. Love love love it.
Love it best with rice and a slight crumble of feta. But I love it all ways, really.

Could the tomatoes in your first pic be any redder? Gorgeous.


awww, this looks wonderful. i love that picture of the scraped and slurped bowl.

hmm. saving this one in the favs/soups folder.


Gosh, that soup looks so velvety. And the menu is just perfect. Honey ice-cream. Yum.


Simplicity is always a joy, especially when it's so beautifully written and photographed. Looking forward to tomato season!


gorgeous images as always ... it's probably heresy, but I like to throw a few cubes of swiss or jarlsberg cheese into a very hot bowl of tomato soup and slurp and play with the melty strings of cheese you dredge up with every spoonful - yum


yes. yes. yes. everything tastes better with a shot of scotch.


Rachel: Simple is well-worth craving. May it come to your little world, and soon.

Lisa: Thanks - I keep meaning to, then the month disappears on me.

Ricki: They will be perfect for this soup.

Johanna: No, I've always favoured complex soups, too! Stocks, croutons...you name it. But this works so well.

Maman: It is one of the plates. I love it - from 1910 and, apparently, rare. I thought it was Nana's tablecloth. Does that mean it's Communist Era Russian?

Christina: I'm willing them to grow right now. If you add a couple of small tomato leaves to the cooking pot (I can tell you this 'cos you're not afraid of such things) the flavour will be brilliant. A little will bring you no harm.

Anna: Thanks! Real red toms are things of beauty. I loved your soup - makes me long for spring peas.

reddoorread: Yippee!

Wendy: Mum has asked that I post the honey ice cream and I think I will. It's simple but Oscar said it's the 'Best thing [I] have ever made. Ever.' A sign, methinks.

Rosa: Your toms will taste of real Meditteranean sunshine and will be so delicious. Hope it comes for you, soon.

Karima: Bloody fabulous idea - mmm...cheese threads...glorious heresy!

Bee: It does, no?


Definitely from Uncle Jack but I think it could be from Vietnam? but the design looks Russian .

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