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May 12, 2009


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The tour of your home is gorgeous--thanks for sharing with us! You are truly living in a blessedly inspiring natural setting. It gives such flavour to your photos and words.

That ice cream looks DIVINE. That's a recipe to save for a special occasion--or just a special ice-cream day!

another outspoken female

Welcome back. My former dairy-eating self is vicariously devouring the heavenly ice cream :)


I made chocolate ice cream on the weekend. It was wonderful. And this week, I am going to give this honey one a go. Sounds gorgeous.


your home sounds like the great australian dream - lovely photos - and I love the idea of honey in ice cream - although I would just as happily eat honey straght from the spoon


I must come down to see this house one day soon. Please put the honey icecream and the photo of your kitchen on Redbubble - both fantastic!


Hello Lucy, I love the photo of your garden space, so calming and it looks very loved somehow. We are number 23 also, so that was a nice surprise :-)


Stunning photos as always, Lucy!


Glad you are back.
I loved the tour.
The icecream recipe is noted and another very good reason to buy an icecream maker.

Making Love In The Kitchen

This looks like a great creamy recipe. If you are interested- I have a vegan ice cream recipe using full fat delicious coconut milk: http://meghantelpnerblog.com/2009/02/15/rest-to-digest/


Thanks for sharing Lucy. And that ice cream. Just divine. My friend just sent me some of the best honey I have ever eaten from New Zealand. I don't have an ice cream maker, but I just might give this a try anyway.


I remember once you saying that you weren't a fan of honey. Honey, I'm glad you've changed your mind: this is beautiful.

So are you.


Such a nice moment when one realizes that the environment they find themselves in, is in fact a home. So glad that Miss Rosie was able to luxuriate in it before her big departure. That must be a pleasant thought...as is the honey.

And wow are you brave, 'specially for one that seeks privacy! I'll make sure to check out your project.


Welcome back! And thanks for the envy-inducing tour--what a splendid place to live. So sorry about Miss Rosie, though at least she did get to enjoy some of that glorious environment. Looking forward to seeing more of you, too.


Just lovely!

Every bit.

Postcards from the land of milk and honey.


Hello you. Welcome back. Been missing you and your posts. Wish you hadn't posted this recipe though. You're making me want an ice-cream maker more than ever and I have nowhere to put one! :)


This is my first time on your site Lucy. I couldnt help but notice the beautiful crabapples. They make the most stunning jelly. Have you ever tried it? There is nothing that compares to a jam or a jelly that has been made from fruit freshly picked straight from the tree. You are welcome to check out my latest post; lilly pilly jelly. What an experience! Unlike you I live in the sunshine state but like you I am very connected to my environment. I'll be back.


Looking on I find you have indeed made crabapple jelly. Simply gorgeous. Terrific colour and nice jell consistency. Well done.


hey lucy, cool post. cheers to being brave.

crabapple is such a cool word.


Thanks, all! Such an interesting, kind bunch, you are.

Sue: An old friend, born on the 23rd, once told me it was one of the luckiest numbers. Couldn't agree more!

Rachel: I don't use mine often, but it's been a fabulous kitchen addition.

Lisa: NZ Honey? Is it Manuka honey? Lovely.

Christina: Complete overhaul with the honey and my tastebuds. Love the stuff, in moderation, now.

Wendy: I know, I know...they're bloody bulky things, but I must say, it is remarkably useful.

Mariana: Lovely jelly, yours. It took me a while to track you down, and 'cos yours is a blogger blog I couldn't comment (must fix old blogger profile) but I wanted to say wow! That colour is amazing.

Deb G

Came to visit via Spirit Cloth. I tried this recipe. It is luscious!

Kathy Anderson

Honey Flavored Ice Cream? should be great. Is it very sweet?


hi kathy - sweet yes, but not tooth-achingly so!

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