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July 17, 2009


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I haven't tried millet yet. Shall pick some up on my next trip to Highland Wholefoods Actually, maybe I'll make a trip especially. The soup sounds stunning.

Arwen from Hoglet K

I've only used millet as a seed in bread, so I'll have to try your pilaf method. The soup with yoghurt and egg sounds beautiful, and it's convenient not to have to make stock.


That sounds amazingly good Lucy and I am grateful for the rundown on how to cook millet as I haven't tried it before :)


That soup looks divine. I haven't had millet in an age, guess I'll have to remedy that.


I have heard wonderful things about millet, especially for those who have Celiac's, but sorry, every time I see it, I can't help but think of the parakeet I used to have :-)


Gorgeous - I have been roasting carrots for dips this winter but have yet to get into roasting them for soup - but this is yet another inspiration to do so. Carrot and millet seem a classic pairing but my encounters with millet have been a gooey mass rather than fluffy grains. fortunately it still taste good

another outspoken female

Am inspired...I really must excavate the cupboard and find the millet :) I feel a pilaf calling!

maybelles mom

Millet is something I have never really given a great attention to. Come winter I think I shall.


Your "stock" is an absolutely genius idea! Millet does have such an image problem, always relegated as "birdseed". Soup sounds delicious, shall be trying it out very soon.


Speechless. Literally. You never fail to disappoint. I am most flattered to get your entry. Thank you very much dear Lucy.

Such a busy day. Simple yet elegant pleasures like this help soothe the mind.


Good day, dear Lucy. I'm just about to travel 100 km east (a 90 minute drive) to my favourite country garden (my mom's place). Just wanted to leave a quick comment before I do.

I think your photos & words could convince me to try anything so millet has just been added to the list. (The last time I used it was l-o-n-g ago during my crafting years -- I used it to stuff linen creche figures I had sewn & embroidered. It makes a very good stuffing material!)

I appreciate all the background & tips you share -- not the sort of thing you find in a standard recipe book. Love the suggestion for making a soup base without stock. Very smart.

Well, I think it may be close to 30 degrees (C) today so I will save the soup for cooler weather.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

And yes to what Lisa said. You are a good one one to read (calm & soothe the mind) before heading out into traffic.


Thanks for educating me about millet.


Millet is so underrated! You describe the texture perfectly. And don't be afraid to try the millet polenta; it's easy to do, and makes a great pizza or quiche crust, too.


Too true about it being the prince or pauper... I've never had much luck w/ it, tho more recently dabbling with the flour form of it. Apparently it is soothing to the gut! This most definitely looks like it would be soothing for many things.


I have recently re-discovered millet. It reminds of this very old-fashioned snack we used to have as kids:- steamed fluffly millet with sweetened green beans, served with crunchy Vietnamese rice crackers.

Love your soup for sure.


Callipygia's comment about millet being soothing to the gut reminded me of a tidbit of information I gleaned from somewhere long ago: millet is the only grain to not turn acidic in the body when digested. Time to hunt some down and give that "polenta" a try. Thanks for all the interesting information Lucy.


Tried it & love it! Though I've never liked carrot soup before.
(It doesn't really need the millet, I think. But I'm glad I know how to cook millet now)


Hi Dorien - I agree about the millet. Thank you for your lovely comment! I'm so pleased the soup turned your carrot-disliking around.


Nice soup. Looking for a millet soup recipe for tonight. Unfortunately, I don't have any yogurt on hand, but I am bookmarking this.

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