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July 07, 2009


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another outspoken female

Such a simple tea too...will post it soon :)

Am glad you get to plant your garden for another year. Can't wait to see the produce.


The phrase "Cook them slowly - for as long as your attention can be held" is I think the best cooking instruction I've ever read.

What a cracker that pumpkin is - with it's gorgeous curled top.


AOF: You'd better post it. Or I'm coming over again...

Kathryn: Think of it as a fair exchange for your Three Sisters idea. If that isn't The Best idea I've ever been sent via email, I'll eat my hat.


Hello Lucy. I have 40 unread new blog posts in my Google Reader but I came here first to feed the eye and the heart and get new ideas for feeding the tummy.

I agree with Kathryn about they way you have with words. Your cooking instructions describe the best way to cook -- with feeling.

I shall mark this Lentil Soup with Greens recipe as one to try with my next crop of kale.


Elaine: May I please hand a compliment back to you? Your sweet peas - now that is a joyful post - have got me thinking about planting for joy as well. And you've had me dreaming about summer plantings and warmer nights...thank you. I am Very Flattered!


what gardening joy to have a lease renewed and the lentil soup looks like a good way to bind a friendship - will look forward to your still life


Today's lunch, I think. It's turned very much cooler here this week (13oC this morning) and a bowl of this sounds wonderful. :)


My internet is broken at home so I'm sneaking peeks from work, and yours is the first I came to (to paraphrase Elaine before me).

How are you enjoying the K1000? I have one of those - absolutely loved it! But now of course I haven't touched it since I went digital. Maybe I'll dust it off and buy (gasp!) some film ...


Johanna: It's a huge relief, to have that lease extended!

Wendy: 13 (!!!). Far out. That's what it was here for most of the morning yesterday. Hope things turn up a little soon...

Suse: I'm loving it! Dust yours off and get cracking...The photos have this really intangible, lovely sort of light to them compared to the pixelation of digital (even though I love my digitals). The only problem is that I have been spoiled in recent times by digital and have to remember that I have a limited number of shots to work with (and, ahem, cash). I think it's making me look more closely with didgital as a result, and I'm taking less shots but better ones now.

another outspoken female

Ok I've taken the hint - the simplest "recipe" ever. Winter warming tea http://confessionsofafoodnazi.blogspot.com/2009/07/taking-tea.html

:: wife mom maniac ::

I'm going to try this lentil soup with kale from my garden tomorrow !


What a merry thought to feed one through the winter. And wow that tea looks so potent! I wouldn't mind having a cup, even though it is summer here.


I would love to see the still life of the pumpkin - he was an industrious pumpkin and had a full life I think.
lentil soup noted for cooler days

Arwen from Hoglet K

Thanks for the tip about parsley roots and stalks - I've got some boiling in my soup right now.


I am beyond captivated by that bowl and that cup of Blue Willow. I want them both *and* their contents.

Every time I study your most recent shots, I get closer and closer to shooting film. As I've said b/4, there is a certain creamy quality, a sharp-blur, to your Pentax shots that digital can only pretend to match straight out of the camera.


::wife mom maniac:: I hope you liked it - it's very simple, but satisfying nonetheless!

Calli: Seed catalogues are strewn all over my desk - so many choices! The tea is Very Good.

Rachel: Indeed - he worked hard, he gave his all and his life was not lost in vain.

Arwen: There's so much flavour in those oft chucked away bits! Hope your soup was grand.

Susan: AOF's Willow Pattern plates and cups and saucers are such a visual treat.

"Creamy, sharp-blur" - exactly. (Though these shots here are taken with the digital SLR. I'm learning from film to be gentler with the light, and to compose things with a sharper, more patient eye. I can't wait to see what you will do!)


Nice. I would not have thought they were shot digital.


I'm so deeply flattered that you thought they were, darls. Means I'm doing something right!

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