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August 02, 2009


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sophie munns

Hello lucy,
big congrats for the first of I hope many editions of An Honest kitchen! What a wonderful thing for your gorgeous images to be featured in this new e-mag project! great Post too!


Oh YUM, Lucy - even with the tempeh!

another outspoken female

Like the Bittman tempeh trick. I want to eat this...now!

Fantastic B&W photos :)


Mmmmm, sounds good! Not something I would ever think of making.


It is nice to look at B&W photos every now and then: they engage the eyes differently. And yours are so beautiful!


Sophie: Thank you, gorgeous! We're chuffed to have your support.

Ganga: I know - it's tempeh, but not as you know it!

AOF: Bittman's clever like that. I really must show you that book...thank you. I love the waiting between click and view with film.

Jacqueline: It's really quick, too, so long as you have everything chopped, ready to go. You can make it as spicy (or not) as you like.

Simona: Thank you - sometimes, B&W works with food, though not always. I'm loving it at the moment. It helps create a sense of drama, visually.

A quick check through my (sadly) neglected feed reader this morning revealed

recipe from Cindy and Michael (if TVP is your thing).


those photos are so lovely - I love the idea of crispy tempeh in this although the suggestion of being terribly organised is a bit less of my thing :-)


I'm so excited about this! Thank you.


Yes, Michael and I are currently obsessed with Ma Po Tofu. Love the idea of replacing the mince/TVP with tempeh.


hullo there, your blog is still kickin' it. some lovely posts of late.

i love quick recipes, but i'm kind of frightened of tempeh. i had really bad tempeh once and i haven't jumped back on the horse yet.


So lovely to return from an offline/no blog reading weekend in the country to find a new post by you.

An outstanding basic vegan recipe. Thank you. I shall try it when the weather cools a bit.

The black and white photos are gorgeous.

Could tempeh prepared a la Bittman be used to adapt some of the non-vegetarian recipes in An Honest Kitchen?

Arwen from Hoglet K

I like the idea of using tempeh in place of mince. I haven't cooked with it before, but my Indonesian friend always tells me I should.


Blown away, my friend. Speechless, really, but I shall try: the recipe, fascinating; the photos, amazing; and that knife, Excalibur.


Johanna: Tempeh, here, is fantastic.

Hi Cristy: Welcome, and thank you.

Cindy: Nearly kicked myself for not having looked through my reader - it's given me some flavour pointers for next time.

reddoorread: Darling, hop back on the horse, but maybe try a wee pony (like this dish). A slab of tempeh, on his own, is a little confronting!

Elaine: Thank you, so much. Now that is a VERY good idea. Very. Shall give it some thought, but already I know the burgers would benefit from it - such a toothsome, meaty, texture.

Arwen: Your friend is wise!

Susan: For you, only film (and the attendant thinking it requires) would do. I suspect you may well be able to tempt the tofu-phobic in your home with a dish such as this, but it's also a fine thing to sup upon alone. Thank you.


What a great recipe to use tempeh. I just recently re-discover my love for tempeh and tofu so this is such a great inspiration.

The photos are so beautiful, Lucy.


I like the black and white here especially in the shot with that wonderful curved sppon and the garlic.
You seem to have some rather particular and lovely spoons.

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