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August 24, 2009


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Inspiring indeed. I am so used to cooking red meat this way, never thought of mushrooms!


every meal looks more interesting with some green(s) and those star anise always look so pretty - you have me intrigued about the shaoxing wine - and the yellow rock sugar - your pantry must be full of many mythical beasts that I have only read about!

Making Love In The Kitchen

That looks so good. I have recently entered the mushroom world and am loving my stay here :)

another outspoken female

Happy Birthday Lucy's Mum :)


thanks for sharing some delicious-ness for lunch, and dinner, and lunch and ..... I love your style of writing, and yes, I had noticed the poetic mention on the side scroll- thanks and glad to inspire, keep up the good work, Lucy


Thanks to you, Lucinda, and AOF for the good wishes. Lovely birthday and I'm still younger than Paul Mccartney! "Wicked" will be fantastic - can't wait.


What a perfect braise for mushrooms--and I bet eggplant would be heavenly prepared this way. Now I'll be on the lookout for Shaoxing!


Mmmmmm. You are my bedtime reading this evening. I shall have delicious dreams tonight.

I LOVE mushrooms and am eager to try them prepared in this way.


It's more fun if you call it "shouting wine". And a mid-range bottle is NOT expensive. I opened a very fancy ($15) bottle this week and the difference is amazing.

As an old shouting wine fan, I use and recommend pagoda brand, but it needs to only have one pagoda. Twin pagoda brand is filth.


Oh, and I like some tofu skin in pieces (fresh or dried) and dried lily buds (aka golden needles) in there as well.


Anh: She's a clever cook, this one, and I love the technique.

Johanna: Star anise...swoon. There's some interesting things lurking in that there panty, I tells ya...

Meghan: 'Shroom World - hope you love your stay a little longer!

AOF: See my maman's thank you, just below you!

Steffen: Your work is just too good not to be shared with the food world - and you do inspire me. Constantly. X

Ah, Maman: Oui, oui. I do hope you like the pressie. Noel is rather excited about it, actually.

Ricki: It is, it is! Eggplant, that is. Big, meaty bits, steamed just a little first (and see Zoe's bloody marvellous additions, a wee bit further down the page).

Elaine: Ooo, I'm kinda pleased to be your bedtime reading. I hope it's cool and calm (and not on fire) in your part of the world. Sleep well, my friend. (And YAY to the shrooms! I used to hate shrooms, but something changed when I began blogging about food - they are beautiful things to photograph)

Zoe, Zoe: You are SO what I needed to read tonight (and most days, actually)!

SHOUTING wine it is, then. I have pagoda brand - so glad I grabbed correctly. Now I know what to do with the lily buds I bought last week. Thanks, darls. Knew you'd be bloody tops with Chinese ingredients.

Arwen from Hoglet K

My Cantonese housemate had a box of rock sugar, and I never saw him use it. It must be an interesting sweet and sour combination with the wine. The mushrooms look like a great mix too.



What a dish for seasonal transition; I suddenly NEED to eat this right away (with bountiful bitter greens)!

mmmm - thank you


Beautiful, Lucy! Looks incredible. Have recently purchased Modern Vegetarian cookbook and awaiting delivery. Looking so forward to reading. Have never tried "shouting" wine. Must find some and try the recipe, particularly with eggplant, my favorite.


An old roommate of mine braised her chicken in a similar soy solution... the house smelled heavenly! But with the mushrooms- YES! ...and your suggestion of freezing the liquid, brilliant, will do. You must be in heaven with your changing season! Love your pictures!!


I recently saw an original print of a mushroom taken by Edward Weston so many years ago and it was beautiful but I immediately thought of the mushroom shots you had not that long ago and then his barely compared. The red braised mushrooms above in the pot - my mouth is so watering!


Wonderful-looking meal. I love it when one recipe takes over the kitchen...


I made this for dinner the very same day you posted it, adding the last home-grown eggplant from the garden and making a couple minor substitutions. It was heavenly; exactly what was in order that day. And that aroma - Ooooh! That is a scent I look forward to re-creating in the coming cooler weather.

thanks again!

(if anyone else is wondering - I had no yellow rock sugar and so substituted 2 tablespoons organic cane sugar to a very pleasant outcome)


Thanks, y'all.

Arwen: What a waste! They look like crystals from a hippie shop.

Cassie: Hello, you. You'll love it, but just watch out for the dairy bits! There is a recipe in there for beetroot done 4 ways. Thinking of making it and blogging it just for Kathryn Elliott!

Calli: I am in heaven - how are you? Yes, I was quite chuffed with myself for coming up with that freezing bit all on my own!

Katrina: Well, I am so deeply flattered by the Weston comparison...

Anna: So do I!

Chelsea: That scent is heaven on a stick in the kitchen - star anise & cassia/cinnamon are just so, damn, good together. And EXCELLENT sugar substitution. Will update recipe and give credit. So pleased you gave your eggplants over to the recipe. X

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