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September 17, 2009


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sophie munns

Great travelling Lucy...enjoy!


enjoy your trip

I have tried roasting kale once and loved the idea but E not so keen


we loved kale chips this winter - even Grace and the other children ate them with relish.

enjoy your travels!


These have been on my list for a while....I just needed you to write about them to nudge in to some kale crisping.
Happy holidays and all that, you will be missed.


Have fun, be safe. Already I can't wait for your return and the tales you will bring. (PS - I've never tried kale chips but realize now I must.)

Simona Carini

This dish has been in my to-try list for a while. Now i must really try it. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.


It is quite a surprise to see something as formidable as kale, reduce in size and force into something...delicate, but still delicious. Gosh leaving so soon? Hoped your package would get to you before that! Here's to wonderful experiences.


What an interesting, interesting idea Lucy. It's one of those dishes I can't quite imagine and I have to say even for me it sounds just a wee bit too healthy (bad Nutritionist).

However I know and trust your palate. If you say they're good, then of course I need to try them out.


Sophie: Thank you. Will come back with lots of film photos. Or so goes the theory, at least.

Johanna: Ah, a shame. Means more for you, though!

Janet: That's the thing that blew me away - these are so unexpected. Yay to being child-friendly - that's another unexpected delight.

Oh, Rachel: Yes, you must give them a go. Kale grows well in pots, you know. Just in case you have a balcony there in Rome.

Katrina: Thank you, lovely woman. These have your name written all over them!

Simona: Thank you - I'm disappointed that it took me so long to get around to them!

Calli: Not quite off yet - a week today - so I cannot wait to tear open that package. If it does not arrive, no matter. I will collect him from the post office and unwrap with delight upon our return. I've also been making your kale smoothie, you know. Kale is King.

Kathryn: I know. I put it off for so long because I couldn't imagine it tasting anything other than erugh. But something happens in the oven...I suspect that the cider vinegar is key to masking it's cabbage-y-ness. Seriously, you must give 'em a go.


Oh, I've got some black kale going to seed as we speak! I'm all excited now.

Have a wonderful trip, and a safe return. We expect pictures!


I'm intrigued. This just went on my to-try list!


Zoe: Thank you, my dear - I'm excited about the trip, but Nigel Slater's newbie (Tender V.1 - which means there's a V.2 coming...) just arrived and now I'm not sure what is more exciting. If you try with the cavalo nero, let me know how you go, please?

Kalyn: It's such an odd idea, but so successful. I'm willing to try other oils, too - am thinking walnut or hazelnut would work in place of olive. X


I can hardly wait until my next kale crop is ready to harvest. These look like the perfect snack food.


Oh, you're coming to visit?


You will be much missed, but I hope you have a wonderful trip and find that missing mojo!

(By the way - would love to see pics from your garden some day. I just planted two kale varieties for fall - some of that lovely red winter and another Italian variety; I see kale chips in the future... They are addictive!)


Lucy, where are you off to? And you will post some travel pics so we can drool at your film goddess skills, right?


Elaine: They are such a surprise - an even better one for the over-zealous gardener!

Chelsea: Aw, shucks...thank you! That's a great idea about the garden. Shall get out camera's and have a play before we head off this week! X

Karima: Here we go...N.Y., Oxford, Lakes District, Edinburgh, Hanoi. The pentax is coming along and I've 6 rolls of film - I worry about taking any more than that. Thing about the film camera is that it makes you more patient and cautious 'cos it costs money! (You made me blush, you did.) X


these look so crisp and green lucy - very jealous that I don't have access to any kale

enjoy your travels - look forward to seeing the pics


hope you're having a wonderful trip. look forward to catching up in blog land soon. x RDR


great idea of using the kale, i have a recipe using shredded kailan's leaves to make a crispy seaweed like toppings.


Glad you are loving the kale chips! These are still my favorite salty snack.
If you have a food dehydrator, they will actually stay crispy for days so you can make huge batches of them to always have on hand. (If you can restrain yourself - I never seem to be able to)
Another lovely addition is tossing the kale leaves with toasted sesame seeds and a touch of soy sauce before baking.
Thanks for swinging by 28 Cooks!

Spice Rack

Kale chips, interesting. I never thought about doing that. I'll have to try this.


I love kale chips and I prefer not to share!


I love kale chips, I managed to throw my last batch on the floor, so having considered it for a second I scooped them up and ate them anyway.


kale chips ? hmm it's look interesting
It's hard to not burn them ;-)


I have seen many posts on kale chips but I have never tried to make some. I should!

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