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October 26, 2009


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sophie munns

welcome home Lucy... and thanks for leaving a wonderful message for me to find this morning!
Look forward to seeing what you are posting when you have caught up with sleep and settling back in!


lovely to have you back and see some of your gorgeous travel photos - the light in the UK is different from here so I am sure you had fun with your camera - and you are back to some wonderful sunny days and just in time to water the garden as the rain seems to be drying up


oh yay, Lucy's home



When I came home from London recently,the colour of our light really hit me. It is much clearer here, and blue. It is a "no where to hide" light, whereas London is much greyer. Still beautiful, just different.

another outspoken female

Welcome back - am loving your travel flickr stream. Pure magic.


welcome home.
Thinking is very important before story telling...... you have already made a beautiful start.
Those red roses are just lovely.


Welcome back, new Lucy - can't wait to hear your well-thought stories...


welcome back, we will all welcome the changes i am sure.


Welcome back, Lucy. You were missed. There's something ironic about that considering you were actually geographically closer to me than ever.
One more hug to Poppy, please.


Glad to have you back! Can't wait to hear about your travels. . . the photos are stunning (Poppy included) ;)


Well you *know* I'm happy to see you back. Poppy looks immensely content, back in her rightful place . . . on the bed.


Ladies, thank you. One and all.

I feel very honoured to know such divine peeps as your good selves.

Sophie: It's fabulous to be able see your work!

Johanna: You should have seen the garden...it was out of control.

Zoe: Yay to you. XX

Ganga: You were in London? How did I not figure that out? You're so right - whenever I come home it's that light of ours that kinda makes my heart sing. But there's something magic about that grey softness as you say...

AOF: Thank you. Writing exhibition submission s-l-o-w-l-y.

Rachel: Wish I could get that deep, fairytale red here, but our light, as Ganga suggests, is 'nowhere to hide' light. Was a pleasure to play with Northern Light!

Chelsea: Yes, they're coming slowly. But surely!

Jude: Yes. Change is good, sometimes necessary, sometimes challenging, but always good. X

Wendy: I know. Poppy is nicely fat again. Well, a little more rotund, which has made hugging her that bit more yummy. One to Marco, from me please?

Ricki: Miss Pops was Very Tired in this shot. She hates me taking her pic, so was glad she came back exhausted!

Kathryn: My dear, it's always good to be home, no? Yep. She's back on that bed alright. And up to no good most of the time...old habits die hard it would seem.


The first three shots are among my all-time favorites of yours. It's no wonder you were named one of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Blogs. (I sent you an email w/ the link.)


Susan: Thanks! Am very honoured.


'A lot of things happened on this trip, many of them, I can happily report, internal.'

I've been looking at that sentence since you posted it, wondering. Is this girl code for something I can't hope to understand?

My blokey side wants to say congratulations though.


Neil, my wonderfully blokey friend, worry not! Nothing too cryptic and I'm certain that you'll totally understand...

I just had time to think about creative works - blogging and art in particular - and what they means to me. About how much energy I'm prepared to give to to them; how much I want to hold back for other, offline, projects. You know, the things that are more expansive, more challenging. For me, I've found it's all too easy to have an idea and think, 'oh, I'll blog that' when it might have been an idea worth exploring in another way, in more depth.

And I realised that, after all these years of avoiding art, that essentially, art (photography in particular) is essential to me. It's been such an interesting year inside my head...

Being in the Third World kinda changed me, too. Middle Class, White...it's all a bit confronting and, yes, changing.

Thanks, Neil. Glad you made me think aloud about it here! X

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