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December 02, 2009


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Daniel Chan

There are certain recipes, like roast chicken, where I've reached the point where I cook it the same way everytime I do it. It's the Zuni Cafe recipe (albeit without the herbs). After years of tinkering with different recipes...stuffing them, slipping in slices of lemon, different herbs, trussing up chickens...I found the Zuni roast chicken tasted, well, like chicken. There is a roast chicken recipe in the Botanical cookbook, but try as I might, I just can't move away from the Zuni recipe.

And as always, your photography is beautiful.


Ohhh, baked ricotta. That sounds divine. And with grapes. Shall be trying this very soon. :)


I want to eat this just from your photos :) love them all! & the recipe sounds delicious!


I have bookmarked this and will try I soon: I'm too curious to taste this combination of flavors.


Grapes?!! Ok I am trying this one.


Consider this recipe, dog eared. So is the real ricotta more solid/brick like? Will I be sent to some sorry place if I do use the supermarket stuff? Head hung low...


That is an interesting combination of textures and flavors, indeed! I was never a fan of ricotta, but I might just try the tofu variation you mention.


I was never a fan of ricotta, until we found ourselves living next to a cheese factory. Now we can just pop out the door on Sunday morning and be back in a few minutes with some fresh ricotta, still warm, to eat for breakfast drizzled with honey, or topped with cherries, or blueberries...mmmmmm

Fresh, warm ricotta is a revelation, and I suspect that this weekend half our ricotta will be destined for the oven covered with grapes -this recipe sounds delish!

sophie munns

This is a fabulous recipe Lucy and I can actually say that I have tried it and loved it. I have saved many a recipe from Karen Martini from the sunday whatever...but...this one actually got tried out... to great results and appreciation.
Probably cut back on the oil...cant remember now...great to be reminded of it...and having lost the recipe I'm delighted to find it here.
looking forward to the next recipe...keep thinking food and sharing with us...

tinned tomatoes

I can see why you would want to revisit this dish. It sounds very moreish.


I love karen martini's liberal use of olive oil as well. I made this ages ago but haven't thought about it since - thanks for the reminder - it was seriously good


my mouth actually watered a little bit reading about this one. will make on weekend and report back.

i'm tempted to toss it through some tagliatelle.


Guys, thank you. I spent 20 minutes replying to you all and then, stoopidly, pressed the wrong button...

Suffice to say, I hope you all love it! Thank you for your comments.

Calli, you could try making your own via this method: http://nourish-me.typepad.com/nourish_me/2007/06/ricotta.html which is really good!


I've kept thinking about this (I originally read this post a few days ago) I think I should make it. I written it down now in my book so i am one step closer.


a beautiful post about recipes - that one sounds like a dish worth repeating - but I know what you mean about tinkering - it is one of my habits that sometimes I try to curb just to revisit old favourites - I have had recipes I tinker with over and over and finally return to the original and remember how good it is


your dish looks so scrumptious!

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