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December 11, 2009


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Yuuuum! On icecream :)


What, pray tell, are "biodynamic" raspberries? I'm intrigued.

another outspoken female

Cheap BD raspberries - yes please. Reminds me I haven't made raspberry vodka for awhile. Hm....


did this without putting the sugar in the oven once, what does that do?


ooooh....i had 2kgs of these delivered yesterday! ah the joys of a mountain climate....i made rasperry vodka yesterday :) amongst other plans.

i wanted to ask about the recipe books. i ought to buy them just because i use your website as a contant source. only thing holding me back is we are vegetarian and I have (gulp) never cooked with meat. i see that the spring issue has a vegetarian suggestion. do you do this with most of the recipes? I think because i have never cooked with meat I find substitution awkward...any thoughts would be great because I want to support your new venture! thanks, Keltie


Penny: Oh, yes...I do like your thinking.

Wendy: Yes to that delicious thought, too. This Wiki article explains it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biodynamic_agriculture

But essentially it's the more esoteric end of Organic farming practice. There's a real worshipping of the land that takes place; it's much more 'spiritual' I guess and, thus, a bit better even than Organic. I felt very lucky to find them so damn cheap!

AOF: Sounds like a plan. You'd better save me some...please?

Jude: I actually think it would be just as good without the sugar going in the oven. Less opportunity to burn one's fingers, too...

Keltie: That sounds GREAT! That vodka sounds seriously good. What else will you make with them?

We do recommend veg options for most recipes. Kathryn is a vegetarian and I am someone who rarely eats meat, so together, we've been really keen to address (redress) the balance that is normally lacking in such publications! I've counted out the recipes from the Spring ed and the tally's quite good;

Spring: 15/18 recipes are veg or easily adapted (in the notes) to be veg.

Winter: 11/16 as per above.

Summer, we're working on - I saw a glimpse of what Kathryn's planning and it's looking delicious! The ratios are pretty similar.

I do hope that helps! Thank you for your lovely words. Enjoy your beautiful mountain setting! X


having just returned from Scotland, the idea of raspberries in season is heavenly - just the thing for a chocolate cake or pancakes but am looking forward to hearing how you use it


I'd love to dip my fingers in that bloody bowl and lick them. (I am obviously a savage.) Stunning shot.


thanks Lucy...i'm sold! some of our berries have been frozen for xmas eve crumble with vanilla icecream i make - the rest have been eaten in whopping handfuls. best indulgence for summer...


Hmm, yummy! I would love it in Icecream or Kulfi.


mmmmm....love raspberries on top of homemade pound cake with a swirl of whipped cream on top..mmm

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