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February 24, 2010


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So sad you won't be there, as I'd love so very much to meet you. Perhaps we can sneak in an hour on a different day?

And yes, please, talk about photography here.


Um, YES!

And, I loved how you played with "espousing" and "wife" in that first sentence. It really plays with the idea of power.


That first photo is very atmospheric!


Couldn't agree more - about that 'scientific eating'. Life's just too short not to savor our meals, and the body craves things for a reason - I believe, anyway.

I'd love to hear more about your photography and experiences; please do share!

sophie munns

wonderful images...and great musings Lucy...
after my own heart!


Dear Lucy. YES, not just to your question about sharing your photography wisdom but to every thought you've expressed in this post.

I'm not quite ready to say "down with science" but I will exclaim "up with art!" And I like "your way" with food, eating and photography.

Gorgeous photos...fennel really can make the heart sing, can't it?


At least on a calorie restricted diet one would be able to eat a lot of that fennel! I am eating up each of your glorius pictures.

"what we hunger for" is always thought provoking. ps- had a pleasure epiphany with your olive oil crackers, tinkerable and gorgeous!


yes I would love to hear about your photography as I always love to see your photos and it helps every time I pick up any tips and it would be great to hear how you have arrived at such skills


Instinctive, love it.


I am in absolute awe of your photos, so definitely keen to hear more.

And I so agree with everything you say here - I wish more people really liked and valued food; to see it as mere calories or as 'good' and 'bad' as so many people do is so sad.


I'd love to hear your thoughts on photography. You are, after all, my favourite photographer, bar none.

Been meaning to email you for weeks now and will, soon, I promise. Been horribly under the weather for a few weeks now, unfortunately, and I am NOT a good or patient patient at all!


Zoe: You're on - let's see if we can get AOF out at the same time...

Christina: If only I were that clever...well spotted!

Maninas: Thank you very much.

Chelsea: So sad to think that food could be stripped of all its joy - all the seeing, touching, tasting. Will be sharing photo ideas in the next few weeks, methinks.

Sophie: Great minds... X

Elaine: Oh, I agree! To discount science is to be foolish beyond words - I watched scientist Richard Dawkins series about atheism last year and found his arguments compelling and calm, which is how science should - and often is - presented. I was crap at science at school, though! You should have seen me...most amusing. Logic and I parted ways some time ago...Fennel makes me stupidly happy, just as Kathryn has her beetroot!

Calli: Ever the optimist - I love it! Yes, you could eat TONNES of fennel and still be making it in under 1900 calories. So pleased you tinkered - kinda foolproof, that recipe. Can't wait to hear your variation.

Johanna: Getting thinking cap on - expect it over the next few weeks. Thank you.

Neil: Instinct versus logic...just not a logic gal. How are you?

Lydia: Hello, and welcome. Gosh, thank you - you're very kind. Thinking about the joys that couple are missing out on does my head in - imagine dinner time at their place? Ha!

Wendy: I was lying in bed last night, thinking of you - not like that, you must understand, but about your photos being so exquisite, so unstudied and so utterly right. Been compling a list in my head of what I think are examples of successful, beautiful and individual work and keep coming back to you...

Anyhoo, I'm a bad patient, too. Terrible! Hope you're getting better. Stay off the 'puter, I say - makes the eyes sore when you're not well. We'll be in touch soon. X


Lucy, love the photos!

And yes, I do remember that braised fennel is one of your fav dishes ;)

tinned tomatoes

Please do post about your photography Lucy. That would be fab an I would really appreciate it :)


hi lucy - i've been following your blog for some time now. originally i came across it looking for vegetarian recipes but what i've really stuck around for is your insights, way with words and breathtaking photography (though the recipes are pretty exciting in and of themselves, too!). i'm in canada and waaay far away from any conference you'd be speaking at, so i'd love to read up on your methods (and madness) when it comes to art making!


Anh: Obsessed with the stuff!

Jacqueline: Will do - am gathering thoughts as I type.

kin: I've just been perusing your portfolio and I'm deeply honoured by your comment. I seem to have dispensed with the regular recipes in the last few months, so I'm pleased you're still here! Stay tuned...


testify! please keep maths outta my food....ewww.


Gorgeous images! I especially like the top one. You are such a talented cook, writer and photographer Lucy. It is always a treat to visit your space.

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