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August 30, 2010


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Oh, this sounds fantastic, so good with the tomatoes and peppers that are in abundance right now around here. This will hit my oven this week.

Question: is the pizza stone heated with the oven, or do you set the dough on a room-temperature pizza stone?

I hope you're enjoying the wispy tail ends of winter.


It's great - and bloody easy, which is pretty much my cooking style these days.

Excellent question; I only heat the stone when I remember to! It seems to work well either way but now I think of it, the times when the stone has been warmed in the oven while it comes to temperature it's been really lovely (and quicker to cook). Will amend recipe - thanks, you. End of summer treating you well?? XX


Lucy - what an interesting idea. I've never thought of, or even heard of a yeasted "pastry". I am really intrigued and will have to try this out soon, particularly given the absence of butter.

Aaand OH YUM to rocket pesto, caramelised fennel and green olives.

Johanna GGG

your tart sounds wonderful - I would pay good money for a slice at a restaurant (which is on my mind after the paucity of vego dishes at taste of melbourne on the weekend)

a yeasted dough sounds delicious though only for when I have time - maybe a relaxed weekend dinner sometime before the weather heats up - would love to hear about some of your favourite fillings - sounds like there must be a few given how often you make it

another outspoken female

I love the sound of this base and the dairy free pesto with miso. Next time we are in the kitchen together maybe you could make it with me.

Simona Carini

I love this dough too and use it to make galettes.


Do you shell the walnuts yourself? I'm always wary of shelled walnuts, so often they're rancid...


Kathryn, it's a great replacement for all that butter and kinda foolproof, which I really like.

Johanna I'm not at all surprised at the lack of vego dishes at Taste of Melbourne. Those events are not about minority eating-styles; they're always about flogging products and chefs to the general public who, generally, aren't vegetarians! Yes, I have lots of fave fillings, but each one is different. Roasted pumpkin, fetta and spinach is SO good.

AOF You're on, baby.

Simona: It's a real winner!

Shula, I've been getting beautiful, fresh shelled ones from Nut Trek in the Deli Hall at Queen Vic Market. I suspect they won't be around much longer as the season's practically over, but all winter they've been brilliant.

Cath @ Moo-Lolly-Bar

Glad I stumbled across your blog, its a great read, very well written and highly engaging.


Hi Cath - thanks! What a lovely thing to say. Welcome.


Thanks for the update on the pizza stone. I'm definitely making this with some uberlocal (as in, from around the corner--woohoo!) goat cheese and some of my sweet little tomatoes on Monday for dinner. Yum. As always, thank you for the inspiration and lovely images.


Christina, woot! That is uber, uber-local. And, I will hasten to add, making me incredibly excited that tomato season isn't all that far away, here.

Enjoy. X

Trace Willans

The tomatoes are ripe, the chickens are laying and I have oodles of basil and rocket, sounds like a tart night to me. x te

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