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December 07, 2010


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You could not be better with your timing on this one. After days and days and days of endlessly cooking with chocolate I have finished my recipes and a) have an evening at home alone, b) really don't want to cook, and yet c) want something simple, clean, lacking in anything approximating richness. And this is perfect.

If I was cooking for just R and I on Christmas Day I don't think I could go past your fennel and walnut pie. With a big, big, BIG green salad and maybe some super-special tomatoes that had been slow roasted?

Followed by a platter of mangoes, cherries and all the other amazing stonefruit around at the moment.


Lady, I like your thinking.

That fennel and walnut pie IS er-mazing. And to think, I've not actually blogged it yet...I hope we DO get some cherries, all of us. Teared up last night over the farmers in Young - I am such a bloody sap - and their drowning crops. Do you know that cliched Dorothea MacKeller (sp?) poem in which she calls Aust. a land of "droughts and flooding rains"? Sheesh. Who'd be a farmer? I want to give them all an Xmas bonus this year, poor fellows.

All of which is to say, glad to be of service. A plate of sweet 'n sour zucchini will do your chocolate frenzy the world of good!


hope you have a nice relaxing time over christmas - I am still denying how close it is - but it will come soon

hope there are some good simple ingredients like the cherries you mentioned above that need very little preparation to taste good - that's the best way to deal with your cooking mojo skipping town. I had cherries on friday and they were so so so good


I could use some hot weather! Where I am, in London, Ontario, we are experiencing a most extreme blizzard. Over the last few days, there has been almost 3 feet of snow and more is expected today and tomorrow. It is possible the accumulation might be nearly 6 feet in four days. The city nearly declared a state of emergency.

I wish I didn't have to travel for Christmas - not my favorite time of year, though I always do enjoy seeing my Dad. I hope your Christmas is peaceful.

I haven't commented for a while, but I think of you often and always admire your writing and photography.

another outspoken female

Lovely post :)

My favourite non-xmas food is a simple omelet (usually a Spanish one cos I'm a sucker for spuds) and a glass of wine. Go nuts and make a salad if you want. Other than that it's cherries and other seasonal fruit and nibbles that don't require cooking. I challenge you to not cook, nor do anything special (well everything you do is special but...), to enjoy a good book under the shade of a tree. To not drive anywhere. To listen to the lovely David Bridie on RRR (if he's doing his once a year show again, excellent music and low-ego chat). Excise the bullshit from the 25th and just do as you both want. How wonderful to just be!


Wow Lucy, you seem to have endured an up and down time, very similar to myself actually. It was lovely to get back into blogland and pay some old favourites a visit. Such a beautifully written post. I too feel a little of that 'humbug'. I have deliberately stayed away from the shops at all costs, however one still needs some milk and bread. Crazy times out there. I must say, another outspoken female's comment sounds most alluring.

sophie munns

I laughed and sighed and recognised the year has been a big one for you... you write so delightfully on the whole shebang...the good and the bad!
Few years back I was living/working not far from that supermarket conversation you picked up on. Illness ensued and a move to a place where things are a little lighter and brighter for the most part... even if life keeps on throwing its tricks at one and all!
I wanted to tell you that your beautiful pomegranate seeds in honey postcard made it into the homage to the seed hall of fame...or should I say...a book I put together on the year long project.
It was a thank you on a double page spread to honour particpants in the postcards for the blogosphere show!
best to you,


lovely post as usual, Lucy.

We don't celebrate Xmas around here, but I'm looking for some time off. It's been a crazy year for me, and I need some space. Alone, with a bowl of cherries and a good book. Too much to ask?


Hi guys, I've tried 5 times this morning to reply to you and each time, Typepad have lost my lengthy responses...thank you all, and I DO hope to be able to reply to you later on! (You know how you just get exhausted thinking about typing something from memory a 6th time...) X's all 'round.


Hello, you. I'm a little overwhelmed this morning -- I'm looking ahead at three busy days -- so of course I need to begin Friday by coming here. To get grounded. & nourished.

I'm going to stay with your first photo and first two paragraphs for now. Lovely.

I'll come back later today -- when I need to restore calm, focus and balance -- and read the rest slowly. It would be wasteful and wrong to skim through any of your words or images.



Hello right back at you, darls.

Deep breaths. It's the only way when you're frazzled. XX


I'm back this afternoon to re-read the rest of this marvelous, funny, honest, brilliant, enlightening, just-what-I-needed post.

A few thoughts, a bit scattered (sorry):

"This has been quite a year; revealing, sometimes distressing, encouraging, creative, all of which is good." So happy to read the last few words. That's the key. To know it has been good, that all experiences can make us stronger, wiser and better able to cope with the next down. (The "ups" don't do that as well...speaking from experience.)

And if I think a moment, I realize parts of me have upped and left over the years. Good riddance to some. But a few I still miss and hope I can create conditions so they come back.

I'm pretty sure, though, your interest in and talent for food (growing/cooking/eating/writing about) is just on a retreat. It will come back refreshed and re-focused.

I have never, ever heard of Agrodolce Anything, let alone tasted it, but this recipe appeals to me. "Wonderful, wonderful" is more than enough. I don't need adventurous or exotic. But I do need your words and images regularly. Make that frequently. So I become unfrazzled.


Ken Burgin

Great inspiration for my kitchen - and as always Elizabeth David comes back to help us. Love your photos...

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