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February 06, 2011


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Johanna GGG

I would have been dubious about rose salt but the idea of rose sugar seems genius - and your roses look just gorgeous


Oh beauty, beauty, beauty!

You've inherited some mighty fine looking roses. What about the rest of the orchard? Did the cherry produce? What else? Are you happy with the varieties you have?

I'm hungry to hear more about your garden.


Unfortunately, our climate isn't ideal for rose-growing. Gosh, imagine pot pourri sashets. With your lovely phots attached, non poisonous and home grown. Oh the mind boggles at all the possibilities.

I agree with you. No smell anymore from anything purchased. It has to be homegrown. That applies to anything actually, which is why I am desperately trying to save my lemon tree. I think people underestimate the importance of 'smell' and too much emphasis on 'visuals'.

Your place sounds beautiful Lucy.


Absolutely gorgeous photos, Lucy. I am speechless.


Where do you get your inspiration? So many kinda cooks in this internet place!

I'll ping you soon (ish).

It's cool here now, thank the lourde.

Duncan | Syrup and Tang

I made the (partial) mistake of trying to make rose sugar by putting fresh petals in sugar. It kind of worked, but of course the moisture from the petals made the sugar clump, and in one case there were rather weedy notes coming through.


Oh so gorgeous!!

another outspoken female

Exquisite photos. Do you want to give the rose brandy a go before you run out of petals? It's fiddly as you need a couple of weeks supply of petals (replenishing every few days) but it'd be a busy to miss making it.


Just exquisite!!! The photos and the recipes both. I don't think it's possible to comprehend how anemic store-bought roses are until you've grown your own. You must tell us what you do with both. I wonder if the rose salt would be good on tagine or something? Tossed with toasted pistachios? On icecream? I like good olive oil and fleur de sel on gelato sometimes...


Hi everyone, been away for my dad's 70th birthday...thanks for your lovely words.

Duncan, I KNOW! That was how I imagined it was done, too. Weedy - that's what the salt smelled like, thank you. Do you know the Bissell book? I was initially put off a little by her name dropping in the intro (she was a friend of Julia Child) but the more I look through, the more I like, I like.


The photo is magic & has convinced rose sugar is something I must make - mostly to keep indefinitely.


Rose sugar? Gorgeous, perfect even. Love it. And glad to hear your dream for a patch of land is blossoming :)


Finally a weekend to potter - just about to head out into the garden to collect some roses for the sugar :)

Have you made any cocktails from the book? x


Thank you - precisely the recipes I'm after with our organic rose petals from South Australia's Murray Mallee!


Try rosa rugosa they seem to grow well everywhere and smell wonderful


Do you need to dry the roses first when making the salt?


Hi C, yes you do - the instructions read "wash and dry the petals" which i think is best done gently with a clean, dry tea towel.

Rhonda Carlson

Had a quick question. It says "then measure out 2-3 times as much caster sugar..." Is caster sugar different than normal sugar?


hi rhonda - depends on where in the world you are. if you're american i think it's called super fine sugar, but regular sugar (just not large crystalled sugar) would be fine.

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  • © 2006-2014 Lucinda Dodds. All rights reserved. No content on this website including, but not limited to, text and photography may be reproduced without prior explicit written consent from the copyright holder.

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