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February 01, 2011


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The irony of this post is that, after pressing publish, out I went and...a cool change was blowing beautifully through the yard.

Always the way, no?


Oh hello! Yes it's a salad week, this week. Can't quite fathom meat during 35 degrees, can you? That does sound like a beautiful salad. Good tomatoes - miam! Pomegranate molasses sounds divine, will make. I have an almost-sekrit-practice-blog for my pet food project. Taking bad photos with an iPhone - horrendous!
Must find a camera... got one somewhere... country life treating you well?


Miss Richapplefool, you are SO quick off the mark! It's grand, this, been made lots 'cos I'm a lazy-pants in the kitchen at the 'mo. Can't get motivated...will ya send me a link when you're ready to share, please? Maybe even an email?? (lucindadoddsATyahooDOTcomDOTau)

Country life (part-time) = bliss

Next time yer down here...and darls, I KNOW you have a super-groovy camera lying about somewhere. Something filmic and nice, to be sure...

another outspoken female

So glad you posted the recipe. It tasted wonderful. And yes, I think 80 yo Italian men have the market cornered on the tastiest tomatoes.


Gosh your post made me laugh. I can fully relate to "gangs of cockatoos" and their paths of destruction. It happens all the time up here. The flying foxes are by far the worse when it comes to gang warfare. We've stopped netting. Too messy when they get caught. Oh well, such is life.

I've never heard of cinnamon in dressing. Interesting. Love the sound of pomegranate molasses though.


Oh wow, no one ever gets creative like this with tomato salad! I can't wait until July to try, particularly as an older Italian gent gives me tomatoes too. So beautiful and hilarious about the cockatoos.


Love the sky photos. I read Oscar and Lucinda several years ago, after watching the movie. We watched the movie again recently: it's one of our favorites.


Gosh, I can almost taste that dressing already! Sounds wonderful and perfect timing too, as I was wondering what to make for dinner without going anywhere near the oven. Your description of the cockatoos instantly teleported me back to my childhood - that unholy screech is not soon forgotten!


Oh those cockatoos are naughty aren't they. Not only do they eat everything indiscriminately but they shout all about it at the same time. At times I love the sound, but at others it gives me a fingernails down the blackboard feeling.

Summer has hit here as well. We've had a couple of pretend days, but then this week we're in the energy and sleep sapping weather, when all you can do is flop around and complain . . . or maybe that's just me.

My lovely mother gave me a jar of pomegranate molasses for Christmas and it's been sitting in the cupboard, as it's not something I use/have very often. I think I might christen it with your gorgeous salad and some lovely oxhearts from up the road.


AOF: Totally cornered it. They were gooood.

Mariana: It's a goodie, that quote, and they are hilarious, preposterous birds - they always sound like they're outraged to me. Noted 'bout the fruit bats...A question: do you still get lots of fruit for you guys, without netting?

Amanda: Yay for Italian men with fabulous tomatoes!

Simona: I'm going to hire it this Friday - thank you for the reminder. Glad you've enjoyed it, too.

Georgia: Yes, you guys have had it b-a-d up there...my family are melting away each time we speak. That dressing...SOO good!

Kathryn: I love them and hate them (well, not quite hate...) in turns. Growing up, neighbours of ours had a pet one that used to scream the name name of their son Mark...'maaaaaaaarrrrccckk!'. Was hilarious. But not at 2 am...the other TOPS use for pom molasses is something AOF put me onto - a little bit in a banana and rice milk smoothie. Magic in a tall glass. Yay for lovely mums, I say.

Johanna GGG

I think that salad would call for a trip to the organics stalls at the vic market - it is as good as I get - wish I had an eighty year old man to give me home grown - but we do have local cockatoos that love a neighbouring tree - great entertainment

Deborah Scott

Hello Lucinda......first, I say thank you for those little meditative moments you provide me every time I receive a post update by e-mail. I too photograph and cook here in British Columbia, Canada. I try to imagine your life on the other side and other end of the world, and of course it seems jewel-like and storybook. I imagine you have a very interesting community there.

Tomato, walnut and pomegranate syrup sounds delightful, and I'm eager to try it if can find some tasty tomatoes!....harder to do at this time of year!
The reason I'm writing is because this salad reminded me of the most delicious salad I kept ordering in Turkey last summer:
Tomato and rocket(arugula) salad with a light olive oil and lemon dressing drizzled with pomegranate syrup.mmmmmmmmmm adjust the seasonings etc. to taste the important thing is the tomatoes, rocket and pomegranate! It could probably be further enhanced with walnuts!
Thanks again!


Johanna: yes, get thee to the organic stalls at the market! I've had some beauties this year. Come autumn it will be on for young and old. We have cockies in the park, too - like possums, they're great adaptors to city living.

Hi Deborah, and welcome. You've got me dreaming of a holiday in Turkey now...was it wonderful? My partner's ex-wife went a couple of years ago - brought back a beautiful hand-painted ceramic bowl - and adored it, said there was great food, and everywhere. That salad...I've a bag of rocket in the fridge right now...there's tonight's salad, thank you.

I cannot fathom how cold it gets in your part of the world, especially this year - things are crazy in both hemispheres at the moment...bring on autumn/spring, I say!

And I would LOVE to see your work - do you have a little space in blogland where I could have a squiz?


Hi, I love your pictures are amazing! gloria


Thanks gloria - nice to meet you.


a great series of moments described! I can just see the arms raised and waving with a slightly maniacal grin on your face ...

and speaking of pomegranate molasses, I was just here for the first time (almost TOO hipsterish for me, but you know, I go with the flow ;-)), and they put out bowls of olive oil for the pita bread dipping thing. What this bowl had was drizzles of their homemade pom molasses. SO YUMMY, I even ate white pita bread :-)



Karima...I am almost speechless...he he...

and whoa, that's a farking brilliant thought - a bit like the bowls of oil and balsamic that were hip not so long ago. Tops! Got me thinking...


Made this on the weekend, absolutely marvelous m'dear. And the leftovers are pretty wonderful tossed through some cooked spaghetti.


What a gorgeous salad. Any dressing with cinnamon and pomegranate molasses is a winner with me.
Our orchard was totally pillaged by the galahs and cockatoos last year, but they have passed us over this year - thank heavens.


Kathryn, I am SO pleased that you liked...and through pasta...not that's rather a good thought, darls.

Amanda: they are destructive bastards, but it's hard not to also love them. Glad they spared you guys this year!

sophie munns

Love this salad Lucy!
and Oscar and lucinda... what a tale! Loved your telling of the book, the cockatoos etc.
S x

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