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June 05, 2011


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This sounds intriguing. My use of tofu is limited to stir fries. Time to experiment, I think.

Hope your camp is becoming "right" again, lovely. xx


Yum! Amazing... Can't wait to try this!

Johanna GGG

I'd love to see your photo - never seen anything but breathtaking awe from your photos!

The recipe sounds far nicer than any dairy version - though I am also curious to know if the topping cracks when tapped with a spoon - that is what brulee is meant to do isn't it? (or am I confusing it with something else)


wendy, lovely wendy. we are getting back to normal, and we are very pleased about it, thank you. this is very light, and not quite like a proper egg custard one, but that's no second best in my book.

hassalleats: and super easy! best combo ever.

johanna: i am very selective about the photos i show ;-) really, i just wasn't even trying...and all my usual good lighting spots were taken up with other people's still lifes at the time.

the best bit? YESSS. it cracks just like a real brulee. that made me very, very happy.


Oh Lucy, this may well be the dessert I've been looking for. Something creamy and rich, but without all the dairy. You know if I'd seen the words "tofu brulee" anywhere else I would have yawned and moved on. But if you think it's good, it must be. I'll be making this week I think.

another outspoken female

Oh my! No blowtorch action required. Want some. Now.


K: it was the blue in the photo that made me wanna make it. light-as-a-feather-good.

aof: i knows! thank gawd, eh?


Love it! A delicious photo but obviously not as tasty as your own.

I can also recommend raspberries in a tofu brulee (I think I got the recipe I used from the back of a packet but it's very similar to yours bar the pine nuts).


Wow - very interesting. What texture does the tofu take on? Is it still an amalgamted end product, or rather lots of little bits?


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Now I have an alternative to tofu ice-cream to feed the vegans that swarm my life. You're a gem! x


sophie: raspberries...nice thinking.

tina: it's beautifully amalgamated, really smooth and creamy.

jess: my thoughts exactly. (you're a gem, too, darls.)


I am *very* happy to report that this tofu brulee is utterly divine with rhubarb. I spooned some rhubarb into the bottom of the bowl and then mixed a bit through the tofu. This did make the tofu quite sloppy, so I probably would just leave it as a few spoonfuls at the bottom next time. I then topped with pistachios instead of pine nuts and the caramel. Really, really good. And easy.

While eating I kept on thinking "ginger", so I reckon next time I'd add a grating of fresh ginger to the tofu.

This will become a regular in our house.


K: i am stewing rhubarb right now - with orange - and thinking zest instead of vanilla will be good. so glad you liked. you're my litmus test, you see...

another outspoken female

Your version with stewed rhubarb was sublime (and seasonally appropriate). Can we work on a creme carmel now? Just like Shakahari's tofu caramel with candied pistachios.


um...YES! hows about we put that idea to the where's the beef folk? i need as much vegan dessert as possible now that i am a complete convert.

tofu cook

Mmmm, very interesting combination. It looks delicious. I have a perfect piece of silken tofu just waiting for this recipe :)

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