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July 21, 2011


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I have a version in the oven now, quichier, no yoghurt, and raddicchio and orange sweet potato cubes with the fennel and walntus.

An inspiring post :)

leaf @ theindolentcook

Sounds beautiful... I want to see the pie! :p


Thank you for sharing a delicious sounding recipe! I'm obsessed with roasted fennel and am looking forward to branching out and trying your pie. I like the idea of adding sweet potato too.

another outspoken female

Go Jo! Another beautifully poetic post Lucy :)


Oh wow, too beautiful. The photos are transporting. I just came up to my parents' in NH to escape the "egg frying" heat in NYC, only to be met by the same humidity and heat up here. But I've been staring at the garden out the kitchen window all evening and feeling stupid about how little quiet and usefulness and outdoor activity I have in the city. Anyway, magnificent post and it's great to hear from you xo A


PS. I am a huge apple mint fan. I just use it as normal mint. It's less overpowering than peppermint and less of a flavor commitment than spearmint. I like that apple mint is usually pretty mild. I like Kentucky Colonel too - do you get that?


Lucy, this sounds like a perfect meal (says she who is eating the Swedish take on two-minute noodles). x


hi peoples, and thankyouthankyou, all.

amanda: well here's one Very Important useful (though probably not quiet...) activity - your lovely little lucy! and then there's the market and your poetic notes on it...lots, really. summer completely bypassed us this year and even i, hater of extreme heat, would be happy to swap a couple of days with you...never heard of Kentucky Colonel but i will now get out hunting for it, especially with such a fun name. xx

and jess, you made me giggle. x


It's. The. Pie. Oh Lucy, you've posted it!

This people, is one of the most utterly delicious things I've ever eaten. And I have made it over and over and over AND OVER again.


Very late last night, I read Kathryn's tweet about this post so of course I had to come right over. Oh, such lovely bedtime reading about friendship, dreams, memories, and the best food, the stuff that "looks [and tastes] like it should...like it grew in the soil." I do, happily, know what you & Jo mean. Fresh food is such a healthy addiction.

Thank you not just for an utterly delicious recipe (I trust Kathryn totally on this) but encouragement to dream and hope.

xx, ee

Denise | Chez Danisse

Your fennel and walnut pie recipe looks delicious! I've been making a rough chop pesto with walnuts lately and have been enjoying the process and the product. I miss time in my garden. A garden doesn't fit my life right now, but I do have my memories, and you. An herb farmer. It seems gratifying. And you are making it happen. Wonderful.


kathryn: it was all that recent AHK work that got me thinking of it again.

elaine: hopes and dreams are the best, no? the very reason we keep chipping away at all of these creative things...the very best addicition i know.

denise: your pesto sounds rather good...

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